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In this day and age, everything is technology-based. Our lives now depend on it on such a level that we're using technology on a daily basis to do even the smallest of chores. We're using smart cooking technologies to make breakfast in the morning and using smart lights (working on voice commands) before going to sleep.

Hence, it's very natural that the finance industry has turned to technology and advancement too. We'll see how the Fintech course is taking over the financial services industry by storm.

Fintech Certification CourseWhat is Fintech?

The word Fintech means 'financial technology'. Fintech applies to any technology that helps in the advancement or automation and use of services in the finance industry.

It ranges from customers using net banking services or internet money transfer systems to handling crypto-currencies for personal users or big companies or using certain software to operate complicated tasks for big banks or organizations.

The word Fintech was first mainly applied for back-end technological jobs in banks and prominent financial organizations. Since that time, the meaning of the term has certainly broadened much more. It now includes customer-based usage of technology in the financial area too. Now, even blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data sciences have been introduced along with the technologies that already exist.

Why Choose Fintech?

Human lives have become faster. People are opting for technological options that don't require them to go to banks in person or go ask for that financial advice anymore. Everyone is looking for options that they can use 'on the go'. That is why, every day, companies are trying to find new ways to make our lives easier by innovating more and more apps in the financial area.

The industry has come up with crypto-currencies, which don't even require any third party to make transactions, and this feat of advancement is not going to stop here. It is disrupting the traditional finance industry too as can be seen from the survey.

Big tech firms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are trying to make leaps in the Fintech industry. In 2019, it reached $111,240.5 million growing at 7.9% CAGR, and is expected to reach $158,014.3 million by the year 2023 at 9.2% CAGR. Hence, anyone looking for a career in finance should definitely try their hands at the Fintech course to have a glowing career in this ever-growing industry.

Fintech Jobs

For a person who is deciding on a Fintech career, there are plenty of lucrative jobs in the market. Some of these jobs are:-

Developers: Fintech depends on the apps and developers are the main people in the industry as they look out for all the features of these products at all times. They make sure that the products always work properly.

Data Scientists: As everything works on the internet in Fintech, there are tons of data generated. Data scientists work through them and derive information and secure them.

UI/UX Designers: As Fintech has become customer-based, it's important for the apps to be user-friendly and attractive. That is the job of UI/UX designers. They make the apps easier to use.

Cybersecurity Specialist: Fintech companies deal with personal data from their customers, which have to be secured from hacking. So, the importance of cybersecurity specialists is essential for them.

Cloud Management: Most internet-based products, nowadays, are cloud-based and Fintech companies are not exceptions. Cloud managers oversee everything related to cloud management, including cybersecurity over a certain cloud.

Imarticus Course on Fintech

Imarticus Learning along with S P Jain School of Global Management has come up with a perfect Fintech course for all the aspiring students. The course provides a hands-on learning experience in important technologies required for Fintech, such as AI, API, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing. They are also taught to put their theoretical learning into real-life scenarios to make them ready for jobs in the real world in the future.



Fintech is not the future where one can shine - it's already here. It's already a part of our everyday lives. So, to become a part of it, Imarticus can certainly make people ready for that dream job of theirs in the Fintech career.

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