What is the Scope of Scrum master?

Scrum Master

Scrum is a framework that helps different teams to work in a cohesive manner. Scrum helps teams to remain self-organized while dealing with a problem. Using the Scrum framework, teams learn from their experiences. Scrum enables effective use of all the available resources and makes the deliverables available with high efficiency.

Scrum helps in dividing the overall projects into various sub-projects referred to as sprints. The use of scrum empowers all the team members to have visibility of everything happening in the project. The use of scrum makes it possible to have a 3600 feedback system regularly. Along with the performance and efficiency of the entire team, Scrum also focuses on the individual performers in the team.

Scrum Master
The scrum team leader, also referred to as the scrum master is a person who takes care of to and for communication between the product owner and the entire team members, communication within the team, without actually being included in the strategy flow of the product. Along with smooth communication, scrum master also ensure that all the team members follow astute values.

Scrum Master Course

Who should attend the Scrum Master Course?
The Scrum Master course is meant for the professionals who use the Scrum framework to develop software and the professionals whose ultimate commitment at the workplace to maximize the Scrum

Scrum master Course-Competencies

Competency 1 – Scrum values

Clear focus, Respect, commitment, and courage are the key values possessed by a Scrum master. The ability to apply the stated values in the organizations with the different sets of values altogether defines the role of the Scrum master. Practitioners living with the scrum values help create an environment where continual improvement with self-organization continuously flourishes.

Competency 2 – Empiricist Philosophy

Practicing Empiricist Philosophy to solve problems is the essential quality of the scrum master. The entire philosophy talks about breaking the complex problems into various incremental problems for empirical execution. The use of scientific methods to solve complex problems is the key attribute of empirical philosophy.

Competency 3- Scaling

The design of the Scrum framework helps to achieve the individual targets at the team, product, and organizational levels. The practitioner has a complete understanding of all the scales and the levels of the scrum. Different levels of scaling can be used in complex frameworks, keeping the essential qualities of scrum such as empiricism and continuous improvement intact.

Competency 4 – Events

The entire Scrum framework is defined in 5 stages. Sprint is the first stage, followed by sprint planning. The entire sprint planning defines the third, fourth, and fifth stage which is daily scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospective respectively. These time-bounded stages facilitate the progress and achievement of goals through transparency. The three pillars of Scrum i.e. transparency, inspection, and adaptation uphold the entire system.

Competency 5 – Sprint-Product Backlog and Increment

Product and sprint provide the team with materials to plan, execute and review the sprint deliverables. Professionals in the same field will understand the application of these facts in real and complex situations, hence integrating the facts with the organization’s own objectives.

Competency 6 – ‘Done’
‘Done’ (DoD) is defined by the practitioner as the focus area to be applied to the particular context. The same needs to be communicated and visualized internally in the organization. The practitioner will be able to describe the trade-offs and compromises to be considered to deliver ‘done’.

Scrum master Salary in India
Average salary of Scrum Master in India is Rs.1,412,000 per annum which range between Rs.2,268,000 and Rs.7,02,000. Factors that determine the salary range for a candidate are experience in the field, region, and the company’s profile. Favorable factors decide the inclination towards the higher spectrum of the salary.

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