User Experience (UX) Design and its Impact on Digital Marketing

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User Experience or UX design is simply the interface design through which users interact with any product or service. It establishes a relationship between the two. Thus, it holds the power to make or break the success of the brand or its entire business. 

Especially, in today’s digital era, consumers constantly access the internet to look for the perfect product or service as per their needs. In these continuous interactions between them, what stands as a differentiating factor for consumers is the quality of their experience. Therefore, UX design not only determines the user’s experience but also the development of the user's attitude toward the product or service. 

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This means the user experience is one of the most important factors to take care of when marketing a product or service to its end consumers. And in order to master this balance, a certification in digital marketing can be quite fruitful for a marketing professional.

What is the relationship between UX and Digital Marketing?

With time, marketing strategies have evolved a lot. A major chunk of this happened due to the introduction of the digital age. Now, as people are investing most of their time in the digital world, businesses have structured their marketing around it. And to achieve their end goal of selling more products/services using digital marketing, brands cannot ignore the importance of UX design. 

To put it in simple words, User experience has deep roots in online brands. And when we talk about online consumers, they are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. This directs toward why brands invest so much in UX design as it directly impacts the profit margins. 

Similar to any marketing strategy, digital marketing also aims to be at the top with its retention rate. That means the customers continue to use their product or service. But to achieve this, a thoughtful UX design is quite important. 

According to UX statistics, 70% of customers abandon their purchases because of a bad user experience. That being said, a paid report from Forrester implies that, on average, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That is a highly respectable ROI of 9,900%.

Now, it makes complete sense how a UX design of a product or service is related to its digital marketing. The latter cannot bring out a satisfactory result without a proper application of the former.

Impact of UX on Digital Marketing

It’s often seen that during the application of modern digital marketing strategies, UX is overlooked. This ignorance is then clearly seen in the retention rate of users. However, all of these can be rectified once the due importance to the user’s experience is given. And before doing so, we must know UX impacts the digital marketing of a business.

Enhancement in SEO

In today’s age, ranking the highest in search engine optimisation is crucial for almost every business present out there. The visibility of brands in the digital world has become a new necessity for them to survive in this competitive market. And in accomplishing this, a better UX can contribute a ton. From increasing the visibility in searches to reducing the bounce rate, it does it all. To train in this profession, one takes the help of an SEO course as well. 

Leads to the user’s pleasure

For brands, the very first and the most important step is to make sure that user experience is absolute. As it holds the power of affecting further processes, be it marketing or anything else. Therefore, UX is an unavoidable component when building a relationship with the consumer.

Effective landing page design

Uniqueness is a necessary element when a brand aims to stand out from the rest. Especially when it comes to the landing page designs which highly effects the conversion rate. Users tend to judge businesses through their unique landing pages and the finer their experience is on it. The easier it is for your visitors to find information on your website, the conversion of them to potential customers is likely to rise. 

Optimised to mobile

As per the statistics of 2022, 60% of website traffic is generated through mobile in comparison to 39% of desktops and tablets. This highlights how much users are invested in their smartphones, thus, making it the primary touchpoint for a growing amount of digital customers. Hence, businesses that have optimised their landing pages for mobile users not only enhance their SEO mobile rank but show a massive rise in conversions.

Gather User’s feedback for a better strategy

For structuring a digital marketing strategy, some crucial pointers are needed about the user’s experience with the business. The data collected about the user’s experience determines how customers interact with their products and services, and what type of content they require, and prefer. From this, marketers can take note and plan their strategies. These insights can then be used to devise solutions for the problems that consumer face. Hence, increasing the conversion rate.


With the above insights, we came to know about UX, that’s often overlooked by businesses but impacts it greatly. It shapes the audience’s perception of the product/service and works to develop in the favour of the business. From establishing a relationship between the customer and brand to enhancing conversion rates and increasing brand awareness, UX does it all. 

These uses of UX design heavily impact digital marketing strategies for good by providing professionals with insights into the user’s experience. Thus, to stand out in this competitive landscape, businesses have to incorporate UX in structuring digital marketing strategies. 

To know these applications in depth, one can go for an Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and MarTech by IIT Roorkee. Here, you’ll be provided with practical knowledge of how to lay out the best digital marketing strategy by making the best use of UX. 

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