Top HR Software to Boost Productivity

Top HR Software to Boost Productivity

HR software works as a centralised platform that streamlines different business functions. The key motive behind using this software is to boost productivity by simplifying day-to-day communications, collaborations, and scheduling for a business.

Companies today started perceiving a considerable drop in productivity if the managers had to handle multiple operations simultaneously. Managing different tasks of the HR department using software proves to be a game-changer for inefficient management. In this context, 80% of businesses today use HR software, further enabling the HR software industry to grow by 4.1% in 2023.

Businesses are utilising HR software to decrease the workload of their HR managers and boost their productivity levels. Pursuing one of the best human resources training programs can help you understand ways to effectively manage the workforce and also land a bright career in this field.

Let’s first familiarise you with the benefits of using HR software and then go through the details of top HR software to boost productivity.

Benefits of HR Software

As your business grows, managing its HR operations can become time-consuming and hectic. Implementing an HR software solution eliminates these concerns and provides a few more benefits, as discussed below.

  • Provides centralised data storage:

HR software lets your business store all its employees’ data in a centralised location. Subsequently, it is easy to access and update the data as required.

  • Automates processes:

Using HR software helps your business to automate all HR processes, including onboarding, payroll, and performance management. Consequently, it saves time that was otherwise spent on performing mundane tasks.

  • Provides real-time analytics:

HR software offers real-time analytics that help your business important HR metrics and make data-centred decisions.

  • Helps in goal tracking:

With the help of HR software, your business can prepare customised dashboards that help precisely track goals and provide a summary of them in one place.

Top HR Software to Boost Productivity

1) is regarded as one of the most renowned project management and collaboration software. You can easily customise its features to fulfil different business needs. Due to flexibility, you can prepare HR workflows and relevant processes customised to your organisation’s needs. Especially if you are handling a remote team, this HR software proves to be of utmost useful.

It comes with comprehensive employee onboarding. From its platform, you can manage leaves and vacations. It supports features like training and development, performance reviews, and more. You can access the option to plan and administer all projects and tasks.

2) Zoho People

This user-friendly HR software streamlines complicated HR processes regardless of the size of your business. It provides a wide range of features extending from recruitment to termination –all within one platform. Typically, it is best suited for medium and large-sized organisations.

It automates onboarding and offboarding procedures. It efficiently processes payroll with tax calculations. You can easily set your business objectives and performance management. The time and attendance tracking is flexible. Moreover, you can easily track an applicant’s data.

3) PeopleHR                                                                                       

PeopleHR is cloud-based HR software most suitable for emerging and small enterprises. It aims to make your business’ HR management processes smooth and boosts its work efficiency. It automates repetitive tasks.

It significantly boosts productivity by reducing the efforts and time HR managers spend on mundane tasks. Along with using this software, you can pursue an HR analytics course online to more effectively streamline HR management processes in an organisation.

4) PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong provides a broad range of services that help a business manage day-to-day HR operations. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

It automates payroll processing and simplifies managing the employee self-service portal. It comes with robust performance management tools to boost productivity. Its recruitment management mechanism is efficient and hassle-free.

5) Gusto

This collaborative HR tool integrates various workflows to create a single platform to manage all the functions from one place. It helps your business effortlessly manage recruitment processes and other relevant activities.

It saves managers’ time and effort previously wasted on performing manual tasks. Moreover, it offers advice when required by experts working in the HR domain.


The HR-related job market is undergoing significant transformations, and the use of the right HR software can prove to be the most beneficial for your business. Irrespective of the size of your business, these software streamline processes, foster data-driven decision-making, and facilitate a people-focused approach. Hence, they help a business make the most of its most valuable asset, i.e., the workforce.

In order to further excel in this realm, check out the Certification Program In Human Resource Management And Analytics CEC, IIT Roorkee provided by Imarticus.

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