Top Financial Modelling Courses in 2023

Businesses and financial institutions are looking more than ever to harness financial data to forecast future performance and make relevant financial decisions. It has led to a growing demand for financial modelling skills. A career in financial analysis could help you exploit this market need. Financial modelling skills enhance your resume and provide better job opportunities. 

Financial modelling will come in handy for you if you are looking to boost your career or set up a business. A financial modelling course is a perfect way to learn the relevant skills and make a career in investment banking, mutual funds, project finance companies and any business in general.

This article will list the top financial modelling courses to look out for in 2023. 

What to look for in a financial modelling course? 

Before you opt for a financial modelling course, there are several aspects you need to keep in mind. 

Does it have any brand value for CV building? 

The value of a course is significantly heightened if it has CV-boosting potential. You need to understand whether the certification provides a distinctive edge in the competitive job market. 

Will this certificate help me in real-world learning? 

Another important aspect is whether the course is relatable to the real world. Before you take up the course, it is crucial that you examine the course structure and know beforehand if it trains you in practical experiences and offers a case study-centric model. Such a course can even improve your chances of faring well in job interviews and increase your odds of securing the job.

Does the certification adhere to its specific niche? 

Not every course caters to every candidate’s needs. One has to choose a course carefully according to his/her career aims. Some financial modelling courses are more suitable for candidates seeking a corporate finance career, while others are better suited for investment bankers. 

A financial modelling course is the stepping stone to rising in rank in the future. It allows finance professionals to be well-prepared and get lucrative job opportunities during the hiring process. Thus, asking the above questions before selecting a course is extremely important for advancing your career. 

Top 5 accounting and financial modelling courses 

Accounting and financial modelling courses will enhance your qualifications and help you get better job opportunities in prominent business companies. Here are the top 5 financial modelling courses that would set you on the path to success. 

Business and Financial Modelling Specialisation by Wharton:

This course by Wharton School, under the affiliation of the University of Pennsylvania, helps you hone your spreadsheet and modelling skills. It is a beginner-friendly course that helps learners to understand business models and the standard techniques used in investment analysis, forecasting and company valuation. 

Duration: 2 months 

Mode: Online 

Excel Skills for Business Specialisation by Macquarie University:

This is a series of four courses provided by Macquarie University to help aspirants with advanced Excel skills needed for business. This course helps segregate data and extract vital information from different data sets effectively. Besides, the course sharpens your automation skills and arms you in using advanced formulas to make robust business decisions. 

Duration: 3 months 

Mode: Online 

Finance and Quantitative Modelling for Analyst Specialisation by Wharton:

If you are interested in pursuing a career in data and business analysis, then this is the perfect course for you. The course trains aspirants to map and use data to predict future data scenarios affecting business performance. This series of four courses will help you gain the relevant knowledge required for finance and quantitative modelling to get job roles in corporate finance and investment analysis. 

Duration: 2 months 

Mode: Online 

Business Statistics and Analysis Specialisation by Rice University:

This comprises four courses, including a capstone project equipping learners with vital conceptual and applied skills. The course primarily helps aspirants master specific spreadsheet functions that, in turn, would enhance their aptitude for data modelling. It also explores the baseline probability concepts that materialise uncertainty through the data distribution process. 

Duration: 2 months 

Mode: Online

Financial Modelling Foundations by LinkedIn:

This course can ease the problematic decision-making process if you are in a management position in a business entity. It will teach you to build the corporate finance infrastructure alongside the basics of portfolio management and commercial and investment banking. The course covers buyout models, M&A models, DCF models, and more. 

Duration: 3.5 hours of on-demand video 

Mode: Online


A career in financial analysis may initially seem challenging because of the vast area of study. One might also get confused between beginner- and advanced-level courses and end up choosing the wrong one. 

If you want to pursue a career in accounting and financial modelling, then check out Imarticus Learning's Financial Analysis Prodegree in Collaboration with KPMG. This course helps you land job opportunities in investment banking, corporate finance and private equity. This 4-month online course is held on weekends and offers guaranteed placement assistance. 

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