Top 5 Soft Skills Every Project Finance Manager Needs

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Soft skills are necessary for professional advancement. While managers need to know the subject matter of each project and be experts in their fields, they also should have certain soft skills. Soft skills are taught in most Financial Analysis courses. These skills help candidates become the best project manager that they can be. A chartered financial analyst who possesses all essential soft skills can help their teams achieve all goals. 

What Are the 5 Skills Project Finance Managers Should Possess?

There are 5 major skills that every project finance manager needs to have. These skills have been discussed below. 

  • Leadership

Leadership skills are necessary for every manager. They can only become reliable managers if they know how to lead and tackle team members. As leaders, project finance managers are responsible for introducing a vision for the team. They should motivate other team members and bring everyone up to date with how the project is evolving. Managers need to ensure buy-in from executives and provide all necessary resources to the team. 

  • Budgeting

Project managers who are dealing with financial analysis and ratio analysis should be skilled in budgeting. While working on projects, managers need to know how to introduce a budget and stay within it. At times there might be a financial constraint. If the company is dealing with financial issues, projects need to be done on a tight budget. Project finance managers need to create a budget that is not unreasonable. 

  • Time Management

Project finance managers have to deal with multiple tasks all at once. Since they are responsible for all aspects of the project, they have to pace out the tasks so that all deadlines can be met. They need to give every team member a specific time frame within which all tasks can be completed. Managers will also need to keep time aside to check and verify the work that has been done. Time management is therefore essential.

  • Risk Management

There is risk involved in every stage of financial analysis. Project managers are tasked with assessing the risks. This is an essential skill and while much of it is based on data analysis, managers need to trust their instincts as well. Project finance managers need to anticipate and manage risks effectively. By identifying potential risks, project finance managers can assist team members and clients avoid major problems. 

  • Communication Skills

Every project manager needs to possess communication skills. They need to know how to communicate with team members and other managers. It is not only verbal communication that matters but also written communication. Project finance managers who have great communication skills can easily set up partnerships and collaborate with other teams. They should also effectively communicate the status of the project with the stakeholders. 

How to Become a Skilled Project Finance Manager? 

To become a project finance manager with the best soft skills, one can opt for a financial analyst course from a leading institute like Imarticus Learning. Imarticus Learning offers a Financial Analysis Prodegree and the course is in collaboration with KPMG. Industry experts provide extensive training for a total of 25 hours and prepare students to tackle real-world situations. While the course includes several topics like ratio analysis, accounting, corporate finance, private equity and investment banking, it also ensures that students are learning soft skills. These soft skills help them get through placements and land jobs in their areas of interest. The combination of relevant expertise, hands-on experience and soft skills allow students to explore different opportunities in the financial sector. 

The chartered financial analyst course offered by Imarticus Learning is holistic and consists of a methodology that is based on projects. This trains students to deal with various tasks and develop all essential managerial skills. The degree will ensure the success of all candidates in the industry. 

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