Top 10 Careers to Explore With a Digital Marketing Degree

Exploring the Futuristic Scope of Digital Marketing

With a myriad of available options, it may be intimidating to choose the most appropriate career path. The choice primarily depends on your passion and long-term stability. Glancing at the immense opportunities in this realm, it is easy to believe that pursuing a digital marketing career is sure to be rewarding in the coming years. 

Digital marketing is a marketing approach where businesses market their products and services via digital platforms. It primarily focuses on creating a digital presence and establishing campaigns to target and engage the right audience. 

The Digital Marketing market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 32.1% by 2028, and the market value will be USD 24.1 billion. It is estimated that proficient digital marketers will be among the most sought-after roles in the forthcoming years. 

Here are the details of the top 10 careers that you can explore with your digital marketing degree:

1) Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing degree holders with a few years of experience can find this career option extremely beneficial. The typical job responsibilities include planning campaigns, analysing trends, and evaluating key metrics. The digital marketing managers’ key goal is to help grow a brand’s influence locally and also boost brand loyalty and awareness.

Organisations looking for a digital marketing manager also expect that the candidate monitors their digital marketing campaigns across their digital networks. You can pursue a digital marketing online course to learn the key skills required for this job role.

2) Content Marketing Manager

Regardless of the technological revolution, content is king. Companies need to write content in order to promote their products and services. This is where they will need content writers. The content marketing managers oversee the work of content writers and everything else associated with content marketing.

They determine the topics to write the content on. They involve in processes like editing, proofreading, and content publishing. They are accountable for maintaining the blog posts’ quality. You can learn essential aspects of content marketing through a Digital Marketing course.

Digital Marketing Certification Course

3) Email Marketer

Email is a type of marketing that individuals and companies have used for decades. It still remains one of the most significant marketing strategies. To ensure successful digital marketing efforts, companies adopt email marketing since it is cost-effective, quick, and accessible. 

Being an email marketer, your responsibilities include creating an email list, creating personal and customised emails suited to customers’ interests, and building leads via written communication.

4) Brand Manager

Brand managers are responsible for looking after a brand’s comprehensive marketing disciplines. Usually, they are tasked with formulating brand strategies for brand promotion and launching of a new product. They are also responsible for ensuring that branding stays consistent across campaigns and advertising. 

5) Search Engine Optimization Manager

A Search Engine Optimization manager is one who oversees this and optimises websites through organic SEO techniques. They are responsible for developing content with relevant keywords and enhancing website traffic.

Search engine algorithms are routinely updated. Hence, if you want to explore a career as a Search Engine Optimization manager, you must look for the latest trends and updates the search engines bring.

6) Data Analyst

Data analysts collect and analyse data from different digital sources. The intention is to acquire actionable apprehension into a brand’s digital marketing strategies. They interpret data and transform it into valuable information that explores ways to grow business. Hence, they help a company take key business decisions.

7) SEM Specialists

Search Engine Marketing Specialists oversee paid ads over all the display networks and search engines. It is an excellent career option if you possess outstanding analytical skills. They plan ad campaigns, targeting, budgeting, and bidding to let the ads target the right people. The best way to land a career as an SEM specialist is to learn Google Ads.

8) Paid Media Specialist

A paid media specialist brings traffic to a company’s web portals through online advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They must have outstanding creative and analytical thinking abilities.

They quickly identify the best suitable platform for a brand to reach its audience. Most companies allocate a substantial share of their budget toward paid media marketing. Hence, paid media specialist is undoubtedly a thriving digital marketing career.

9) Client Servicing Manager

A Client Servicing Manager helps a company ensure smooth services and processes. They ascertain that every customer benefits from the hassle-free experience. They formulate ideas for client servicing, constantly check on the processes, and obtain feedback from clients to bring optimal solutions. 

10) Media Strategist

Regardless of business type and size, advertising is inevitable in the present era. The objective of advertising changes according to the size and type of business. The key responsibilities of a media strategist include assessing the available media channels, determining which one meets the business’ existing needs, and running ad campaigns. Conclusion

The discussed career options eliminate the confusion on how to land a successful career after obtaining digital marketing. Staying updated with prevailing trends and constantly updating the portfolio will help digital marketing degree holders thrive in their careers. Pursuing a digital marketing course with placement can further improve your chances of getting hired.

One such course is Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing provided by Imarticus, where you can embark on a bright career as a digital marketing professional. The course covers all key fundamentals ranging from an overview of digital marketing to e-commerce marketing, helping aspirants stay abreast of in-trend skills at all times!

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