The Most In-demand Careers in Cybersecurity in 2022

Careers in Cybersecurity

In today’s digital world, wars are fought online. Often, we hear news of cyberattacks and data breaches across the globe. Corporations and governments are facing challenges in protecting sensitive data. Business organisations cannot remain heedless regarding cybersecurity. Businesses are recruiting cybersecurity experts that can protect their sensitive data. Cybersecurity is no more a small aspect as the taxonomy of cyberattacks has increased over the years. To handle complicated cyber-attacks, business organisations need cybersecurity experts. Your career in cyber security can grow if you choose a job role according to your competencies. Continue reading to know some of the in-demand job roles in cybersecurity.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers create secure ways for conducting digital transactions. It is why blockchain developers are demanded the most in the FinTech industry. FinTech firms need blockchain developers to provide a secure payment channel to their customers. Cybersecurity experts record and store the blockchain data for further analysis. Usually, blockchain developers use cryptography for storing transaction data.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst is responsible for monitoring the security systems installed in the organisation. It makes sure that the security systems are capable of preventing data breaches and online attacks. It also ensures that all systems connected with the company’s network are updated and use a firewall/antivirus. Information security analysts are highly skilled in forming better cybersecurity policies.

Cybersecurity Project Manager

It is a higher job role in the cybersecurity industry. A cybersecurity project manager is responsible for deploying security systems in organisations as demanded. Good project management skills are also required to grab this job role in the cybersecurity industry. A cybersecurity project manager can install security systems for its clients based on their budget choices. On-time deployment of security systems at the client’s facility is also ensured by a cybersecurity project manager. It coordinates with different types of cybersecurity experts as per the project requirement.

Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers help organisations in finding out the vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. It is done to check the strength of security measures that are currently deployed. Ethical hackers uncover system vulnerabilities before a hacker exploits them. Once loopholes are identified, they can be fixed proactively for better security standards. An ethical hacker uses the same techniques that a hacker would use for exploiting system vulnerabilities. However, ethical hackers legally find system vulnerabilities with the consent of the owner.

Network Engineer

A network engineer is responsible for setting up computer networks and troubleshooting errors/issues. From installation to maintenance of network components, a network engineer does it all. Network engineers are involved in both hands-on and computer-aided tasks. They are also responsible for configuring the systems before connecting them to the IT network. Monitoring network activity is also done by a network engineer to discover suspicious activities.


CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is a senior job role in the cybersecurity industry. A CISO is responsible for overseeing the security policies and practices of an organisation. A CISO will make the final decision in determining the cybersecurity budget and design for the organisation.

How to learn cybersecurity in 2021?

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