Here's Why Paying Attention to Cybersecurity Has Become Increasingly Important in 2021

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More and more businesses are preferring digital transformation solutions in 2021. As businesses are going digital or moving to cloud platforms, the IT infrastructure is vulnerable to hackers. A business organisation needs to have a well-organised cybersecurity policy to secure its business architecture. Often one can see news of cyberattacks on enterprises around the world. The famous SolarWinds cyberattack in 2020 gained many headlines as it was highly sophisticated. The sophistication of cyberattacks has increased in 2021 and businesses need to tackle it. Young enthusiasts are also looking for cyber security training courses to make a successful career. Read on to know why you should pay attention to cybersecurity in 2021. 

Cyberattacks are more organised in 2021 

Cyberattacks can be targeted at any enterprise or organisation. No one is secure in 2021, considering the sophisticated modern-day cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are being carried out on secure government networks like nothing. As an enterprise, you are responsible for protecting the company information and customer data. Also, the frequency of cyberattacks has increased dramatically over the decades. To put things into perspective, there were more than 10 billion cyber attacks only in 2018. Some of the common types of cyberattacks conducted on enterprises are:

  • Scammers carry out phishing attacks by sending fraud emails to customers. They then persuade the customer into sharing sensitive information. 
  • Hackers often direct huge traffic to any digital channel and make it unserviceable. DoS (Denial of Service) attacks interrupt the normal functioning of digital channels and hamper service availability. 
  • Hackers are now using efficient ransomware that can block critical software systems. Enterprise personnel cannot access their system until they have made payment to the hacker. 
  • Several hackers conduct cross-site scripting to inject malicious code into a web browser. They then monitor user keystrokes to collect sensitive customer data. The taxonomy of cyberattacks has increased over the years and there is a long list. Enterprises cannot handle such diversity in cyberattacks if they do not have the right technology. 

Difficulty in tracing the origin of a cyberattack 

The growth of the dark web has boosted the anonymity of hackers. Now, cyberattacks are difficult to trace or recover from. Hackers are nowadays experts in creating proxy servers and IP addresses that make them difficult to find. With the rise of blockchain-aided financial transactions, it is difficult to trace illegal transactions. Since enterprises are having a hard time finding the origin of cyberattacks, they resort to preventing cyberattacks in the first place. 

Need for cybersecurity experts in 2021 

In 2021, businesses need cybersecurity experts that can handle the sophistication of modern-day attacks. Enterprises are hiring individuals that know about ethical hacking and network security. Also, the cybersecurity landscape has changed drastically over the years. At present, new-age technologies like AI and ML are being used to form strict cybersecurity policies. Enterprises are investing huge amounts in implementing automated cybersecurity techniques. Enterprises are ready to spend a major chunk of their funds in implementing cybersecurity practices. 

How do I learn cybersecurity in 2021? 

To become cyber security expert, you can take the help of Imarticus Learning. Imarticus offers cybersecurity online courses that follow an industry-designed curriculum. You will go through cybersecurity case studies and real-life projects. Imarticus will help you in learning the role of new-age technologies in creating better cybersecurity solutions. 

In a nutshell 

Cybersecurity is more important than ever considering the current digital landscape. If you can learn the role of new-age technologies in cybersecurity, you can future-proof your career. Imarticus can help you in learning cybersecurity and also getting placed in the industry. Start your cybersecurity online course with Imarticus now!  

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