The key purpose of front-end development: Why is it important?

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There are two sections of any web application: front-end and back-end. When you open a website in a browser, what you see is the front-end part. It includes layout, graphics, images, buttons, links and more. The backend holds the overall structure of a website and is invisible to the users. Technical skills for front-end and back-end web development are different.

Here, you can see the fundamentals of the front-end development course and its purpose.

Front-end development: how it works

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Front-end development is the design process of software interfaces where the audience engages with a website. Its role in web development is to satisfy users and fulfil the business goals of the website.

Below are 3 major aspects of front-end development:

Front-end Designing: This is related to the aesthetic aspects of a web application. Front-end design must also suit devices of all shapes and sizes like tablets, smartphones, desktops, etc.

Coding: 3 programming languages are used for front-end development:

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


Front-end Development: This ensures the proper functioning of a website. For example, the website must be compatible with all leading browsers available today.

These 3 are the major components of any Front-end Development Course curriculum.

Front-end development: why is it important for a website/business

Today, organisations are willing to invest time and resources in front-end development because a well-designed website impacts business performance. Here are 8 key reasons that make front-end development important:

Front-end of a website serves as a platform to publish business messages about an organisation. Thus, it becomes an effective online tool to build brand awareness.

The front-end design of a website attracts many visitors and compels them to stay there. As more and more visitors spend time on a website, it will ultimately boost its business.

Proper positioning of visual elements makes a website user-friendly and self-explanatory. Then it becomes simple and easy to understand for people from a non-technical background. They can navigate through its pages without any outside help or guidance.

To maximise user engagement, front-end developers make sure that websites have fast-loading pages. Slow-loading pages frustrate users and they often move to other websites.

A visitor remembers visually appealing front-end design for a long time and will revisit the web page again and again. This results in repeat customers.

A well-developed website can increase the customer base. Existing users who had a great experience on a useful website will invariably talk about it, spread awareness and recommend the brand to others.

Any website that functions correctly, provides the right information and is highly secure can win the trust and confidence of its customers in a short period.

The brand value of an organisation depends on the front-end utility of its website to a great extent. If it can translate clients’ needs and expectations, it becomes much easier to achieve business goals.

Front-end development as a career

Are you confused about how to be a front-end developer?

For that, you must learn Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA). Imarticus Learning offers a Full Stack Developer Online Course which stands out in the IT industry. This is a more comprehensive programme than any Front-end Development Course. Here, you gather the required technical knowledge for both front-end and back-end programming.

Key features of the full Stack developer online course

Name of the Course: Full Stack Developer Pro.

A 6-month program with a job interview guarantee.

Learn data structures and algorithms for a strong base in the subject.

Other popular technologies like Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, Spring and more.

Besides learning data structures and algorithms, you understand competitive programming.

Who is eligible for a full stack developer online course

Final year students from STEM background (CS, IT, Electronics) with >50% marks

Fresh graduates/Postgraduates in STEM (CS, IT, Electronics) with >50% marks

If you are an IT Professional with 0 to 3 years experience, in non-development IT roles – QA, testers, IT support, etc.

Summing up

Front-end refers to the frontal part of a website. The process of front-end development involves the creation of technical elements that influence the look and feel of a website. It aims to satisfy website visitors.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role to establish brand value for a business both online as well as offline. Needless to say, good Front-end developers are in great demand today. Many industry experts insist that candidates should learn Data Structures and Algorithms for a solid career as developers.

If you aspire to upskill or learn Data Structures and Algorithms, always go for the best. Imarticus Learning offers you a leading-edge curriculum with this Full Stack Developer Online Course.

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