Tableau for Advanced Data Analytics and Data Visualization: Examples

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Tableau is an extremely popular data visualization tool. This tool has been rapidly adopted by the Business Intelligence sector and is being used for a variety of applications. The main task of Tableau is to simplify raw data in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. 

Companies are adopting Tabaleu because it can create simple data that is cognisable for professionals at every level. It is also useful for non-technical users as it allows them to make their dashboards and worksheets. These dashboards can be customised at any time. 

Normally the Tableau tool does not require any complicated codes to operate. When this tool collaborates with data analytics, they transmute various text information into visual forms at a very high pace. This process of visual rendering is often termed data visualization with Tableau.  

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With the assistance of an excellent machine learning certification course, one can learn more about Tableau. It will also allow an individual to create a strong career in data science. 

Let's drive in this article to learn about Tableau, data analytics, and data visualization with help of examples.

 What is Advanced Data Analytics?

Advanced data analytics is a group of advanced procedures that allows any venture to foresee future patterns and trends. This technique can easily predict future patterns and trends by deeply analysing the pieces of information and data of their potential customers. 

Various techniques like machine learning, data mining, visualization, and pattern matching all fall under the umbrella of advanced data analytics. It also uses various analysis methods to function properly. These analysis methods include cluster, semantic as well as sentiment analysis. 

Advanced data analytics provides small and big businesses with data insights and well-organised annual plans. It also makes better business decisions than human beings. Frauds are quite common in any venture therefore advanced data analytics is designed to reduce business risks as well. It also keeps a check on any future threads. 

Advanced Analytics Projects and Tableau 

Data Scientists are utilising Tableau's tools for completing advanced analytics projects in a short period. Tableau's predictive tool is used to complete these advanced projects. 

There are various ways by which Tableau is used for finishing off an advanced analytics project. These ways of using Tableau are mentioned below:

Predicting or forecasting is one of the essential capacities that Tableau possesses. This is because it was designed with several predictive technologies. Professionals use this particular technology to figure out inactive threats or variables. 

Besides, Tableau allows foreseeing a statistical graph by simply adding any data or trend line to it. It also allows one to select these predictions and drag them to a new graph with the help of a right click. 

  • Segmentation 

The full form of segmentation is drag-and-drop segmentation. With help of this tool, Tableau can easily boost the cohort analysis and intuitive flow. 

This tool will help to build a dashboard on any subject. It will contain all details regarding that subject. 

  • Intricate Calculation 

One can make wrong calculations and manipulate complicated data while working with Tableau. This is because it has a strong calculation programme that improves any wrong analysis. 

Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions and Table Calculations are two characteristics of Tableau that help to enhance any wrong analysis or calculation. With this technique, it is easier to calculate logical problems, arithmetic sums as well as specific operations. Hence, Tableau makes any advanced analytics project a lot easier. 

  • What-If Analysis 

Test scenes can be altered by simply linking Tableau's front end with its strong input capacity. It also allows a user to alter any calculation pretty quickly. 

What-If Analysis also allows a user to change filters and select data from the dashboard. It also permits one to generate an interactive report. 

  • R Integration

R integration allows Tableau to access any function that is present in the R data. Tableau can also send data to R by linking to the Rserve process. It also allows changing of any model that is made in R with the assistance of Tableau. 

These are the procedures by which Tableau can help any venture to complete advanced analytics projects rapidly.

A real-life example of the usage of Tableau 

Walmart is one of the largest American retail ventures that use Tableau. They use it to collect various analytics from their customers. Many companies purchase Tableau to collect information like customer information, sources, implementation of the law, IT-related information, and more about industries. 

Many other companies have purchased Tableau for Analytics purposes. They are as follows:

  • Amazon is an American retail organization that gives employment to many across the globe. It is one of the most famous customers of Tableau. 
  • CVS Health Corporation is an American Healthcare company that also used Tableau. 
  • European companies are also the popular purchaser of Tableau. The English gas company BP has purchased Tableau for further enhancement in their business. 
  • Apple Ireland, an Irish manufacturing company has also purchased Tableau. 

All these companies earn billions and have given employment to many. To improve the infrastructure, these companies have bought Tableau. There are many other companies around the globe that have also purchased Tableau for running their venture smoothly. 


Data Visualisation with Tableau is fairly a new concept. Professionals are still grasping it. Thus, before initiating a career in data science one must learn data mining, one of the main components of Tableau. 

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