The convergence of cloud, blockchain and IoT for software development courses

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The conventional software solutions are no longer sufficient to sustain in this highly competitive world that is more digital-oriented. To ease the business processes, companies are relying more on faster and safer technologies such as Cloud computing, Blockchain, and IoT. Since these technologies are the need of the hour, the software engineer course such as the SCBI at Imarticus combines them for smoother advancement in the software industry. 

Using Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT

Blockchain and the Internet of Things have been part of the new-age technologies for a while now, but companies using them on their on-premise infrastructure had limitations with the automated options that come with this. Using Cloud computing has helped them implement both on-premise and off-premise infrastructures. 

This convergence of these three technologies enables companies to automate and integrate their various services without compromising the safety factors. Most industries can make use of the benefits of these technologies to automate and optimize their operations. 

While Blockchain technology integrates the IoT devices, Cloud computing complements the latter by enabling data storage in massive volumes. Changes thus made to a business improve the customer service leading to more satisfied customers and better engagement. 

How does it help the industries?

The end result of the convergence of Cloud, IoT and Blockchain are smart and intelligent devices that can perform various tasks automatically without minimal intervention most of the time. Each industry uses these technologies differently to simplify its operational processes, cost, etc. A few examples of their use include, 

  • Online consultation of doctors with digital prescription that enables you to make an online purchase using an app or portal. 
  • In the transportation industry, the optimization of the routes saves time for the drivers.
  • In supply chain management, the multitude of transactions and data from the various IoT devices during the operations are compiled in a single space that stays there safe and secure. 
  •  The manufacturing industry can successfully find a way to cut their production cost using the vast amount of integrated data. 

Cloud, Blockchain and IoT Software Engineering Course

Imarticus Learning offers this Certification In Software Engineering For Cloud, Blockchain & IoT (SCBI) in collaboration with IIT Guwahati. It is an ideal option for the merging software engineer to be an expert in this new-age technology. 

The demand for job opportunities in this field has urged many to learn software development in Cloud Computing and Blockchain technology. Adding the IoT into the mix creates an exciting career option. The best part is that the students do not need to have any prior knowledge of coding.  

best software engineering coursesWhat will you learn?

When you opt for any kind of Cloud DevOps online training, you will be dealing with the fundamentals and various aspects of Cloud and Blockchain technology. There will be live classes by the industry experts and a 3-day on-campus learning experience. At the end of the 9-month course, you will need to complete a project either in Blockchain or IoT, your choice of specialization. 

It will be a wonderful opportunity for the aspirants to get expertise from the industry experts and expand their network. Career guidance and support with interviews are also expected when you choose SCBI. 

After compilation, you will be getting an industry-approved certificate that will take you right into the hot water of in-demand job descriptions and opportunities. 


The idea of combining blockchain, IoT, and Cloud in the software development courses is to train the aspirants with real-time challenges and develop some job-ready skills. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, you will be well prepared for the challenges ahead. 

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