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Today, a growing number of brands are using content as a marketing tool. They want to build trust, connection and visibility amongst consumers. Businesses want to make money with this trend. Hence, they put lots of content on social media apps, messaging apps and other digital platforms. There is a lot of competition in the market. Thus, it is challenging for digital marketers to build strategies that stand out from the clutter.

best digital marketing courses in India

Pursuing a Hubspot certification course can help digital marketing professionals build skills and deliver excellent results. Let us understand the significance of a Hubspot certification course and its role in helping you pursue a career in digital marketing.

Why a Hubspot certification matters 

The foundation of modern-day digital marketing was established in 2006. Hubspot was launched the same year. Most companies were spamming and hard-selling products to consumers. But their efforts were not translating into leads.

Hubspot’s philosophy was unique. It urged marketers to create useful content that would serve the needs of customers. The company positioned itself as an inbound marketing solution. It helped businesses to focus more on customers in their marketing efforts. Hubspot's approach started the growth of inbound marketing. This means that consumers reach out to businesses, not the other way.

Since those early days, Hubspot has emerged as a market leader in this domain. It has developed tools that help businesses transform their marketing efforts. This is why a Hubspot certification course is considered the gold standard in digital marketing. It equips you with the required skills and knowledge. Recruiters instantly take notice of this certification on your resume.

In-demand digital marketing jobs 

Today, there are lots of career opportunities for digital marketers. This is because every company is focused on growing its digital footprint. They want their efforts to translate into leads.

Digital marketers can pursue a wide range of opportunities in the field. They can work at:


digital marketing agencies

advertising agencies

media companies

the art industry

social media platforms


government agencies

Some job roles in digital marketing include:

Performance marketing manager

Content planner

Campaign specialist

Search engine optimisation specialist

Social media manager

Community expert

Email marketing specialist

Content strategist

Digital marketing executive

Affiliate marketing manager

Get the digital marketing edge

Successful digital marketers share some common traits:

They function with a strategic mindset.

They are careful about creating budgets for marketing campaigns.

They possess excellent analytical skills.

They know the right tools, strategies and marketing channels to work with.

Investing in a period of training is a valuable experience. However, the curriculum of traditional MBAs is not equipped for this challenge. Hence, it is advisable to pursue an online postgraduate course in digital marketing with placement support that is backed by a Hubspot certification.

Ace these topics  

The curriculum of the course must cover all topics that enable organisations to strengthen inbound marketing strategies. Below is a list of key digital marketing topics to be covered:

Search engine optimisation

Content marketing

Social media marketing

Paid media marketing

Media planning and buying


Email marketing

Affiliate marketing

Analytics and measurability

Online reputation management

Get hands-on training

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-evolving fields. But, this field is unpredictable too. A good digital marketing course features Capstone projects as part of the curriculum. A Capstone project is a live simulation that provides you with a platform to experiment and innovate. You get to be more creative and strategic through live training.

It helps you put theoretical understanding into practice. You may get to work on different types of projects, such as -

Helping a FinTech company reach more consumers.

Increasing digital visibility and engagement for a niche travel property.

The challenges and outcomes can vary. A hands-on learning experience is invaluable if you wish to pursue a sustainable career in digital marketing.


When shortlisting a training programme, we recommend pursuing a postgraduate course in digital marketing that comes with job assurance guarantee. Such a programme will include live project training, in addition to theoretical concepts. A comprehensive program is a combination of two elements -

It must cover key digital marketing subjects.

It must offer hands-on experience from live training.

Collectively, these experiences prepare you for a successful career in digital marketing.

To know about Imarticus’ Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, you can contact us through chat support. You can also visit our training centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon or Ahmedabad.

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