SEO in architecture: 7 takeaways

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One of the most important parts of a website for SEO is its web architecture. The SEO of a website is influenced by many factors of the web architecture such as the structure of the information, distribution of internal links, and the design of the template or theme.

This is one of the reasons why it is better to design a website from scratch rather than using predefined templates that certainly could save us a lot of time in the development of the same, but in our experience in various projects, we see that it will not give us a good result in our SEO strategy.

7 tips to improve web architecture for SEO

  1. Flat or horizontal web architecture

This type of architecture, being horizontal, is not as deep as the vertical one, so Google will have an easier time reaching all the pages, thus optimizing its crawling time. 

This type of architecture means that a user can reach any corner of your website, at most, in 4 clicks. 

In addition, this type of architecture has more benefits, as link authority flows from high authority pages (such as the home page) to pages with less authority.

  1. Simple web architecture

Simplicity often does not have to be at odds with SEO. A simple web architecture consists of establishing a hierarchy on the website and maintaining it in all its sections and subsections. 

Both in terms of SEO and usability, simple web architecture is preferable to a complicated one. This will make it easier for users to navigate the website and for crawlers to crawl it.

  1. Proper use of categories

The use of categories and subcategories is highly recommended to improve web architecture, but they must be used correctly. It is necessary to group similar contents or products or products of the same subject matter under the same category, without mixing them with others. 

When growing a website, the best possible option is to mark the new page within one of the categories already created. If you want to add a large number of new pages, it is best to put them under the same category. Although for small sites it is preferable to organize them by final pages and not by categories.

  1. Friendly URL structure

All the URLs of our website must be subordinated to the categories previously created. This way, the user will know at all times its exact location within the website. For the URL to be user-friendly, bear in mind that it must include the keyword you want to position as far to the left as possible and, above all, that it must not have prepositions. 

Also bear in mind that the separation of words is done with slashes, although the CMS is usually in charge of placing them automatically. For the structure of the URLs to be optimal, it is necessary that all the URLs of the pages follow the same structure and that they show, as we said, the categorization.

  1. Use breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are used to indicate to the user of a website exactly where he/she is and how he/she got there. Most sites use them because they improve the user experience and the SEO of the website in question, and reduce the bounce rate.

It is recommended that breadcrumbs allow access to the previous step only by clicking on the name. This makes it easier for Google's crawlers to analyze these pages thanks to the breadcrumbs.

  1. Optimize internal linking

The architecture of a website is always defined by how the pages that make it up are connected to each other. Therefore, linking internally, i.e., to other sections or pages of the site, will not only improve the user experience but will also improve SEO positioning.

  1. Sitemap

In order to improve the positioning of any website, it is very important to have a sitemap, i.e. the map of the website. The sitemap will be responsible for storing all the information and the structure of the site so that it can be found without difficulty by search engines.


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