Most valuable security engineering skills to learn in 2022

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The rapid flow of data and information in big companies make them susceptible to cyber security risk in many aspects. Cyberattacks, data breaches, and information theft are frequently conducted under lousy security systems. The best way to leave no room for unauthorized access is by employing an efficient security engineer who can create valuable security systems capable of protecting vulnerable data spaces.

Security engineering candidates are keen on equipping themselves with the best industry-relevant skills, strengthening their resumes towards a significant place in top companies. From consistently practicing on skillsets to taking part in cyber security courses online, security engineering professionals aim to achieve finesse with a well-equipped technical foundation. So, what’s stopping them? A valuable set of latest skills.

Tech advancements have led malicious entities to be equally equipped; therefore, security engineers are also supposed to work with up-to-date skills to keep up with all levels of intrusions. So, let’s explore 2022’s most valuable security engineering skills and allow them a place in your resume!

Endpoint Security 

Companies’ growth of work from home practices has also posed potential threats to attack devices interacting through remote networks. Endpoint security protects end-user points or devices such as mobile phones, laptops, or desktops to protect them against exploitation.

Cloud Security

Vast migration to cloud services for both individual and company endeavors has invited many malicious attacks on the platform. As organizations are heading over to base a majority of their setup on cloud, cloud security measures are significantly asked of their security engineers and the candidates applying for the position.

Penetration Testing

Period penetration testing is essential to comprehend potential vulnerabilities, further improving the system towards its safer and more reliable option. A penetration system is a simulated attack created to map out weaker aspects of the system and help mend it. Security engineers can inherit the skills through a certified ethical hacker course to implement professional simulated attacks resembling black or grey hackers.

Intrusion detection and prevention system

Working with intrusion prevention systems to detect and report unauthorized access is a skill that security engineers must comprehend. Although analysts work the system and analyze its working, security engineers must also know how to work and troubleshoot the workings for smooth activity of the hardware or software-based system.

IoT Security

Emerging IoT-backed devices are at risk of experiencing hacking or information theft. Security engineers must know their way with IoT security trends and skills towards maintaining a safer ecosystem for the internet, present, and future. Furthermore, a large amount of personal data is at risk with a lack of IoT security; hence, proficiency in the relevant domain is essential for security engineers in 2022.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is an active process of analyzing, identifying, and collecting indicators of possible malicious entities and vulnerabilities to take further rigid measures towards improving the system. Therefore, in addition to building security architectures for companies, security engineers must also offer contributions with active security monitoring skills.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics, along with cyber security to protect digital assets; therefore, inheriting a strong foundation of computer forensics can elevate your security skillset to the next level. Although computer forensics is based on dealing with the after stages of cybercrime, it can be leveraged to improve cyber security systems.


Along with skills learned through undergraduate or master’s programs, a security engineer can always look for an online cybersecurity course to further improve their skillset. Cyber security will enjoy a bright future with advancing digitization and its accompanying threats. The best way to ensure you stay relevant in the industry is by keeping your skills up to date.

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