Here's how AI is used in Executive job search

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to simplify the process of searching for a job. There are various ways through which artificial intelligence can assist candidates and businesses in the recruitment and hiring process. Currently, corporate sectors are using artificial intelligence in the early stages of recruitment.

This helps in increasing the pace of screening resumes and scheduling interviews. To find a suitable job for a candidate, AI software requires access to simple data about his/her expertise, career history, and location. 

A candidate searching for a job can use artificial intelligence job search tools to find an open position in a firm or a company that matches his/her skill set. This helps save a significant amount of time and effort for a job seeker.

Artificial intelligence assists organizations in avoiding the unavoidable biases that slide into the recruitment process while deciding the deserving candidates for the position. Furthermore, it assists businesses in identifying growth opportunities for existing employees who are ready for future promotions.

Did you know the term ‘artificial intelligence’ was first coined in 1956? But, it wasn’t accepted by society and went through a lot of controversies until 1997 when IBM’s Deep Blue computer became the first artificial intelligence computer to defeat Russia’s chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. 

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work in Recruitment For Executive Jobs?

Artificial intelligence helps recruiters who cannot go through each and every resume by analyzing the data of resumes based on keywords, qualifications, and other talents required for the job. Most of the time, recruiters are less in number, which makes it more difficult for them to manage the entire process alone. Therefore, they rely on artificial intelligence in getting the best-fit candidate in their team.

Artificial intelligence uses the following algorithm in job search: 

  1. Matching: AI matches the resumes and the keywords instilled in them, such as job title, etc. 
  2. Screening: AI screens the resume of candidates based on their data which helps in deciding if the candidate’s talents match the requirement of the job posted. These talents are mainly educational background, work experience, location, specialization, etc. 
  3. Response: AI has increased the scale of responses given to candidates. In the traditional approach to recruitment, a plethora of candidates applied for the job by sending their resumes which the recruiters used to check manually because of which they used to miss looking into a few resumes.Hence, those candidates get skipped in receiving a response from the company’s hiring board. But, now with the help of artificial intelligence, a recruiter easily scans the candidate's data without going through the resume and picks the suitable candidate to whom the artificial intelligence sends a response regarding the interview.

Tips For Job Seekers to go Past The Artificial Intelligence Process

  • While preparing your resume or cover letter make sure to add the keywords that match the terminology of the posted job. 
  • Ensure the resume is readable and easy to skim through, and that it does not sound like an automated machine. 
  • Prepare for the interviews taken by the artificial intelligence bots. These bots would not give you a chance to rectify what you say during the interview but will focus on how you say it. 

We know that artificial intelligence is the future of technology, but presently there is a shortage of workforce in the field. So, if anyone is interested in starting a career in artificial intelligence, then he/she can be certain about a promising future since almost every field is trying to get upgraded with an AI certification program. 

Obtaining an artificial intelligence certification has become easy since many related courses are made available online by various well-reputed educational institutions such as IITs in India. To pursue these AICTE approved courses, students need to have a basic knowledge of computer language and programming to join the IIT AI ML course

Indisputably, artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the upcoming boom in the recruitment industry. So, if you want to be a part of it, then join Imarticus’
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