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Building a content marketing strategy is critical for business success. As a marketer, we need to have a deep understanding of the role of content and how it can be used effectively to create business impact.

As traditional marketing is becoming less effective by the day, it has become important for marketers to focus on content marketing to create, retain and engage a clearly defined audience and drive profitable customer action.

Learning content marketing needs a structured approach by way of a content marketing certification course or a digital marketing course with placement assurance. Some institutes offer content marketing courses in a bundle with the SEO course as well.

Let us understand how you can create and sell the content marketing strategy with a structured approach:

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a customized strategy that uses various content forms like text, video, audio, images etc as part of the mix to attract, engage and retain an audience.

Building a robust content marketing strategy helps a business gain recognition and establishes expertise in the industry.

With increased brand awareness, the brand is usually found at the top of the mind of the consumer when it is time to buy what the brand is selling.

Importance of content marketing

best digital marketing courses in India

In today's modern age, it is critical for any business to build a content marketing strategy as it helps to stand out from the crowd.

According to a report, businesses with a blog section on their website can generate 67% more leads as compared to other companies. Similarly, 88% of people credit a branded video as one of the reasons that convinced them to buy the product or service.

In such a scenario, content marketing can help you generate more leads, increase the online visibility of the brand, boost loyalty and improve authority among the target audience. With the increasing level of competition, it has become important to have a content marketing strategy in place.

Knowing how to build a content marketing strategy can emerge as a strong point on anyone's resume. We need to have a clear understanding of the end objective of the content marketing strategy and how each component will work towards achieving the goal.

How to learn content marketing?

We can start the journey to learn content marketing by opting for a content marketing certification course. There are several standalone content marketing courses available and it is also taught as part of a digital marketing course. Some trainers even bundle several individual courses like SEO courses, paid ads courses and content marketing courses to the learners.

These are the various routes with which we can get exposed to the concept of content marketing. It is better to opt for an overall digital marketing course that can help you with an overview of the various elements involved in digital marketing. For instance, a good digital marketer needs to have a clear understanding of several aspects involved in building a robust digital marketing strategy. For instance, a business requires an SEO strategy, paid ads, email marketing and other pillars in the digital marketing strategy to be successful.

As a result, opting for an overall digital marketing course will provide a strong understanding of all the aspects of digital marketing including building a content marketing strategy. This approach will help you get better at content marketing and also help in evolving your role as a professional digital marketer.

Once we have completed an overall digital marketing course from a reputed platform, a standalone content marketing course could be the next step which can teach about advanced concepts. At the same time, content marketing has several channels that can be considered. It will require some level of understanding to differentiate between each one of them and how everything will come together for business success.

The Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing from Imarticus Learning can help in gaining an overview of the various components of digital marketing. It also covers the content marketing module in detail and will help in providing a deep learning experience in building a robust content marketing strategy.

The content marketing module is placed as early as in module 3 and runs for over 2 weeks in which conceptual and practice-based information is shared with the learners. As the course comes with a placement guarantee, we can be certain that it is the best digital marketing course with placement assurance.

As the course offers case studies from large brands, we not only get theoretical knowledge but also see the concepts learned live in action. The case studies are actively used in the content marketing module as successful campaigns from large brands help give the required direction and motivation to build a robust content marketing strategy.

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