It's never too late to start Financial Planning - 5 Tips to Plan Your Finances

Financial Modelling course

The truth is that many of us have had to face the real world without much idea of how to manage our money. We are usually forced to learn by making mistakes and trying again, as we are hardly ever taught anything about preparing financial statements, let alone investments.

The most practical way to have control and knowledge about money is to take a financial planning and analysis course, but while you decide, we leave you with 5 tips to take control of your personal finances.

Don't think about the price but about time 

Before you buy something, take a moment and think about how many hours you have to work to be able to buy it. In addition, think about its lifespan. For example, if a t-shirt costs Rs. 2000, and you earn Rs. 300 per hour, how many hours do you need to work to buy it? Now also think about how many times you will wear it and how long it will last, for example, 2 times in 6 months or 1 time a week during a year. This way, you will make better investments.

Get rid of wasteful spending 

This is definitely up to you, but, for example, nowadays many people prefer online streaming, so it is time to cancel cable TV. Or we can also talk about coffee. You buy one every morning, but do you have a coffee maker at home? You see where we’re going. A lot of times, it’s just a matter of changing some habits.

Record everything that comes in and what goes out

Try to do this for a year or at least a few months. Write down everything you spend with all the details such as the item, date, shop, and even the time. This will help you find patterns and control your spending habits. There are many finance online courses that will tell you the same thing. This will allow you to visualize proportionally what your major expenses are and also how they relate to your income. 

Have a budget

The idea has probably crossed your mind, and you’ve probably already tried it without much success. But that’s why it’s tip number. If you’re already doing the previous 3, this is something you’ll want to do. A budget, even one with liberties and not so specific, is what will help you keep track of all your income and expenses to make sure you make the best decisions. No one likes to get to the end of the month and find out that they can't pay the bills.

Saving is the best habit you can have 

Saving is one of the hardest things to do when you don't manage your finances and those savings end up being spent. Set a goal! Maybe a trip or the new computer you want to buy, this will make it easier for you to start saving. Once you get used to it, you will find that it is very easy to continue even without a goal. However, it is very important to always have a fund for emergencies.

The most important thing we want to teach you is that once you start you will find that your relationship with money improves and that it is not so difficult to manage your personal finances. You will also have the feeling that you have more control over your life. If we have piqued your interest and you would like to know more about the subject, you can choose to follow a financial planning and analysis course.

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