Here’s How To Implement Better Cybersecurity Measures for the Internet

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Cyberattacks, data leaks, and the growing appearance of cases in which failures have been reported in the control of the privacy of customers and users make it more necessary than ever to implement the resources and relevant actions that ensure the protection of people in the face of the imminent digital transformation brought about by a new digital society.

With the Cybersecurity program offered by Imarticus, become a cyber security expert today. Read on to discover more about cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

In a context where digital transformation and hyperconnectivity can pose new business risks, it is essential to have cybersecurity measures and information accessibility. And it is that avoiding attacks on information security, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, or malvertising techniques for the theft of strategic information or credentials, has become one of the main priorities for companies today.

Information Security seeks to protect the information in general business against risks that may affect the sustainability of the same, either in a physical or digital environment. While cybersecurity is the protection of information processed, stored, and transported by information systems that are interconnected within organizations and therefore more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

What Are the Potential Threats?

There is no doubt that cyberattacks against institutions and companies in the digital sphere will continue to increase exponentially in 2021. Despite the variety of types, four threats mainly concern experts:

  • Ransomware: Companies should not invest large sums of money in recovering compromised or 'hijacked' systems, they should invest in the development of preventive security policies that keep them protected, avoiding situations of digital data theft.
  • Theft of personal and sensitive data: Last year the theft of personal data increased exponentially. In 2021 the trend does not stop growing and although in previous years this information used to be sold on the Deep Web, other ways of getting money with it are being consolidated, such as extortion.
  • Cloud risks: Although this technology is quite secure, some vulnerabilities provide cracks for cybercriminals to access the files stored in these spaces. Some places in the network are normally synchronized with electronic devices that store a lot of private information about people.
  • Connected devices (IoT): There are more and more devices connected in smart homes, which raises the question of the amount of information that is shared with them and the security they have in place.

Solutions To Improve Cybersecurity

Exposing the risks, we need to come up with solutions. We, at Imarticus, believe that the main problem is the lack of culture and training in cybersecurity. Cybercriminals know this better than anyone, which is why the most widely used attack vector is people. Ethical hacking and cyber security courses from Imarticus Learning can provide an opportunity to young learners and tech enthusiasts to overcome these threats in the real world. 

Moreover, a phishing or a simple deception steals the access codes and the company or the institution is 'hacked'. From there, introducing malware that blocks all the organization's devices and servers and asking for a ransom for releasing them is usually the norm. 

A more sophisticated attack also steals customers' private data and publishes it little by little until the ransom payment is made, which in most cases is requested in a Bitcoin-type cryptocurrency.


Therefore, all employees must implement basic cybersecurity protocols, and organizations must implement effective actions to ensure the protection of all digital information of their customers and employees. We, at Imarticus, offer cyber security expert training programs aimed at preventing and avoiding these cyberattacks and improving cybersecurity in the digital world.

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