Imarticus Learning - one-stop for courses from IITs and IIMs.

Imarticus Learning - one-stop for courses from IITs and IIMs.

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and IIM (Indian Institutes of Management) are two of the premier educational institutions in this country. They hold a high aspirational value among students and only a selected few get a chance to earn a prestigious degree here.

However, in the current times, there are various IIT and IIM certification courses on offer that can help you complete specialization in different areas. Moreover, with these courses, you can get the coveted degree from these two premier institutes. 

So, if you are planning to complete a course from any of these two institutes, then Imarticus Learning can be your best option. It is your one-stop platform to access all the certification courses from IITs and IIMs.

Reasons to Prefer IITs and IIM Certification Courses

Following are some of the reasons why certification courses from IITs and IIMs are gaining popularity –

  • Trained by the best faculty

If you are trained by the best faculty in the country, then you are bound to progress in your career. IITs and IIMs have the best faculties from all across the globe. The teaching methods at these institutes are also revolutionary. 

  • Exposure to quality case studies

If you are a student of these institutes, then you get access to quality data in the form of case studies. There is a rare chance that this data will be ever displayed at Tier-2 and Tier-3 colleges.

  • Wider acceptability

Owing to the global status of IIMs and IITs, any courses that you complete from here are acceptable everywhere in the world. So, even if you are applying for a job outside of India, you can use this course to your advantage.

  • Adds weight to your resume

As you have already understood the reputation of IITs and IIMs, completing any courses from here will only add to your resume.

What IIM and IIT Certification Courses Can You Do at Imarticus?

There are three types of IIM and IIT certification courses that you can do at Imarticus educational institute – 


  • Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Martech, IIT Roorkee


  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IIT Guwahati
  • Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics, IIT Roorkee
  • Professional Certification in Data Science and Machine Learning, IIT Roorkee


  • Post graduate programme for emerging CFOs, IIM Indore
  • AMP in Financial Services and Capital Markets, IIM Lucknow
  • Executive program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets, IIM Calcutta

These IIT and IIM certification courses are at the cutting edge of technology and in sync with the latest educational trends. Students are bound to gain these qualifications because colleges from the lower rungs are still to catch up with this mode of education.

Reasons to Choose Imarticus Learning

Here are some reasons why Imarticus Learning should be your top priority while completing an IIM or IIT certification course –

  • Not only shall you get to study the foundational elements of the course, but you shall also get a vis-a-vis with the advanced concepts.
  • Courses from Imarticus Learning get you employed instantly as the CIBOP certifications are industry-recognized.
  • With Imarticus, you get a chance to interact with industry leaders. You also get an opportunity to build a solid peer network with professionals even after completing your education.
  • Another advantage of opting for a course from Imarticus is that you are taught all theoretical concepts with practical case studies applicable in real life. You are taught with the aid of live examples from recent events, thus giving you clarity of concepts. 

Final Words

Completing an IIT and IIM certification course can help you improve your employability. Additionally, it also increases your knowledge of a particular domain. So, if you are planning to apply for one, check out the courses that Imarticus Learning has to offer.

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