3 Ways A Cyber Security Analyst Can Give Back To The Community

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3 Ways A Cyber Security Analyst Can Give Back To The Community

Are you hearing a lot about cyber attacks these days? Well, that is the unfortunate reality as cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats any institution could face, be it a private company or a government authority. Amid a surge in cyber attacks, there is an increase in demand for people having an ethical hacking course certificate and hence are capable of being a guardrail against these attacks! 

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is a practice conducted by cyber security analysts in which they make an authorised attempt while working for an institution to check for all the vulnerabilities or security deficiencies existing in the entity’s system or IT infrastructure.

The cyber security analyst tries to “hack in” the system of the entity to check for loopholes that can be otherwise exploited under an actual cyber attack. In the attempt to hack, analysts note all the gaps that make the system vulnerable to hackers and need to be fixed immediately. 

Why Is Ethical Hacking Becoming So Important?

As we all know, data is what it all boils down to these days, and in recent times, we all have heard of how modern warfare is going to be less about real weapons and more about technology. At the end of the day, if the information technology (IT) infrastructure of any entity is breachable, then it is at constant risk of losing against the hackers, which can result in several serious implications, from loss of goodwill to putting its customers at risk.  

Since data is not only the new oil but also the new weapon, it will not be wrong to say that cyber security analysts are like “data soldiers” for any entity. Any company with any IT setup will need an “army” of such cyber security analysts to safeguard its data and technology.  

How Can A Cyber Security Analyst Give Back To The Community?  

You must have understood how a cyber security analyst is instrumental for any given entity. But let’s discuss some significant benefits at large - 


  • Security: A cyber attack poses a risk to the overall information technology infrastructure of an entity. Any act of hacking on the IT infrastructure puts everything at risk. These days, even government agencies are reported to be the victims of hacking attacks. During these attacks, information sensitive to national security can be stolen, putting an entire country at risk.
    Not only that, think of financial companies. These firms have the user data and financial information of their clients. When such financial institutions suffer a cyber attack, confidential information comes at risk, which can be used by hackers. Here, a cyber security analyst comes into the picture. Such an analyst plays a crucial role in protecting us from such security risks and helping the entire community and nation.
  • Efficiency: Don’t we all hate when a virus lingers around our laptop or cell phone, slowing the entire device? Cyber attacks involve installing such viruses or malware on the target system, which can not only extract the data but also act as a spy and make the entire device super slow! A successful cyber security analyst can well protect our devices from such malware attacks and make our devices function at total efficiency
  • Costs: Any cyber attack is bound to have implications that can be both monetary and non-monetary. The attacked entity not only loses data but also suffers a backlash from its customers, resulting in lesser business in the future, as the goodwill takes a beating. Even regulators can impose fines or penalties on a firm for not having proper cyber security checks in place. A cyber security analyst helps curb these monetary and non-monetary costs by enhancing the defenses of an entity.


What Ethical Hacking Course To Take? 

Now, you must be wondering which ethical hacking course online should you go for? Let’s put an end to this search as Imarticus Learning brings you its curated cybersecurity course. In this six-month course, students cover an extensive list of topics that involve learning and are job oriented. Not just that, Imarticus Learning also provides you with guaranteed interview opportunities and one on one mentoring sessions from industry experts themselves! 


Cyber security is vital in this digital era, be it for businesses or government institutions. For this purpose, every entity needs cyber security analysts. It is the need of the hour for cyber enthusiasts to go for ethical hacking courses and equip themselves with vital skills that will contribute to their personal growth and the betterment of the masses at large.

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