How Tough is Investment Bankers Life

Investment Banker

Responsibilities of an Investment Banker

The Finance industry is for the opportunists, most people aim to get into finance because the remuneration is far more lucrative to pass on. Investment banking seems to be everybody’s dream job or at least for those who just seek the perks and not the work hours involved. The job role of an investment banker is very dynamic and takes a combination of hard and soft skills to succeed and thrive in the face of competition.

The traditional investment banking criteria puts an investment banker’s job as helping the clients raise capital from the market by using the tools of debt and equity after thorough analysis given the client’s need and capital requirements. The job role has much more in its purview; let’s breakdown some of the key responsibilities of an investment banker.

Finding business opportunities for the company by interacting with new prospects and maintaining the relationship with the old ones

Preparation of financial models for suitability of capital structure for mergers and acquisition deals or other capital raising expeditions

Formulate recommendations on various financial product offerings

Perform thorough company analysis, doing due diligence and documentation for transactions

How to be an Investment Banker?

Most people aiming for a career in the investment banking segment often wonder what is the best approach to land the job of an investment banker. Newcomers are often puzzled by what it takes to be an investment banker and how can they kickstart their careers. It can be rather confusing given the dynamic nature of the job that requires you to work on multiple aspects.

To enter the field of investment banking the best approach is to do your majors in finance, commerce or economics, this provides you with an edge by building a solid foundation and a robust knowledge base. It provides you with an in-depth understanding of the finance industry.
In the contemporary scenario the competition in the industry in on an unprecedented scale, to steer clear of the competition in the industry you can pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with your specialization in Finance. This will not only consolidate your stand but will also give you a comprehensive understanding of the world of Finance.

There are courses designed specifically for entering into the Finance industry such as Chartered Financial Analyst course, it takes a holistic approach and covers all possible aspects of your financial education, the subjects include Alternative Investments, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Corporate Finance, Economics, Portfolio Management, Ethics, etc.

What separates investment banking jobs from other jobs in the finance industry is the fact that it requires much more than just a good technical knowledge of the finance industry. Investment baking jobs require stamina to work long hours and by long hours we are talking at least 70-80 hours a week.

It requires people to have good interpersonal skills to meet and connect with the client, socializing with people is a must-have skill here. Other than that, it also requires effective communication and presentation skills. If you are striving for a career in this industry you need to have a lot of patience and stamina to do hard work, there’ll be no work-life balance here at least in the initial days and entry-level positions. However, the perks are equally rewarding and satisfactory if you manage to survive the initial phase of this career.


Yes, it is tough to work as an investment banker, if anybody says otherwise, they are keeping you away from the reality of the job. It looks all glorious from the outside but it requires hard work, perseverance, and determination to succeed as an investment banker.

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