How to Kickstart a Career in Digital Marketing

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Advertisements on the internet and creative ads on social media are unmissable features. Just as ads on the billboard we see on the highway are traditional marketing, any advertisement propagated via an electronic gadget, like the pop-up ads on websites, makes up digital marketing.

Digital communication has become an indispensable part of our lives and is an essential digital marketing tool. Through online communication with potential buyers, any business can yield a perfect marketing strategy by understanding the needs and requirements of customers. A good digital marketing course will help kickstart a successful digital marketing career, teaching the essentials of marketing.

How to approach digital marketing as a beginner?

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To have a versatile career in digital marketing, one has to start with the fundamentals. Here are the best ways to build your career in digital marketing from scratch:

  • Obtaining a degree: First comes awareness and thorough knowledge of the desired subject. Getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising will acquaint you with all the necessary information required at the basic level of online marketing techniques.
  • Garnering specific skills: Once you get the hang of the subject, you can start learning strategies and upskilling yourself, consequently setting yourself apart in the field. Some necessary digital marketing skills include learning to analyse data, write content and develop creative marketing strategies.
  • Getting experience: Any candidate is deemed more worthy if he/she has some prior experience in the field he/she is trying to pursue. Starting an entry-level digital marketing job will get you the needed experience and educate you on practical applications.
  • Strengthening your resume: Go for more courses, internships or even a boot camp on digital marketing. It will not only help grow your exposure to the subject, but the certificates will add to your CV and attract prospective recruiters. 

Inbound and outbound marketing

We’re often bombarded with lucrative emails with offers and discounts designed especially for our needs. This sort of marketing is known as outbound marketing, where an organisation tries to propagate its existence in every way possible, but it seldom warrants a favourable outcome. 

Digital marketing is traditionally considered a part of inbound marketing, where you appeal to already interested people. Instead of generating generic ads for all, you can create an individualistic and specific way to advertise your business. Thus, when starting with digital marketing, it is important to be creative and find economical ways to improve your business. 

Skills required for a digital marketing career

Search Engine Marketing 

A prominent ranking amongst search results should be implemented in your endeavour to make your business more relevant. Search engine optimisation (SEO) attempts to enhance results when you look for a topic on any search engine by attracting traffic to a particular website and increasing its rank when searched. 

Like SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) is also a significant part of digital marketing ━ websites, and businesses increase their rankings through payment to a particular search engine. This way, a small business might catch someone’s eye and attract an influx of customers. SEM helps businesses present the perfect online ad to convert buyers into loyal consumers. 

Content writing and communicating with buyers

Writing content online makes you accustomed to what a customer might or might not need, and you learn to communicate with buyers in a friendly yet dignified manner. It allows businesses to seem approachable yet strict when presenting themselves online. This is why having content writing as a skill is extremely important when venturing into digital marketing.

Communication is key in digital marketing. Once you understand what your customer wants, you can easily create a product suited for them and design distinct ads for any future undertakings.

Creative skills

Creativity indeed goes a long way in digital marketing; from catchy slogans to innovative campaigns, businesses depend greatly on what kind of content and advertisement they put out there. The better your ads, the more your customers are. This is what digital marketing will expect of a candidate, so honing your creativity will help you in this area. 


With a world that runs on technology, digital marketing has seen a massive boom. With almost everything being conducted online, we have come a long way from bumper sticker ads to finding what we are looking for online through a perfect advertisement. This makes handling digital marketing an important part of any business that wants to thrive online. 

Understanding how to deal with advertisements is fundamental to being good at marketing and having permanent customers. Imarticus’ digital marketing course can be the gateway to affluent employment. 

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