How Much Money Does a Front End Developer Make

A front-end web developer is responsible for the applications involving the visual and interactive element's implementation used at the front-end or where users engage through their web browser. They are supported at the server end or back-end by the developers at that end, which integrates server-side application logic with the front-end and the various layers between them. They learn their technical skills in a front end developer course. The full-stack of technologies hence contain
• User-presentations and applications at Front end layer.
• Logic at the Backend layer
• Multi-tasking at the sub-layers of data.

Front-End Developer Responsibilities

Briefly, the responsibilities among others at the front-end include
• Ensuring the UX/UI design is technically feasible.
• Ensuring user-input is verified before sending it to the back-end.
• Developing the user-facing features anew.
• Optimizing the front-end of the applications for scalability and speed.
• Building libraries and reusable code for future use.
• Collaborating with developers, stakeholders and other team members.

Qualifications and Technical Skills:

The front-end of the application is user-facing and very important to present the applications to the clients. They include in brief
• Proficiency in web markup, and knowledge of CSS3, HTML5 etc.
• Adept at pre-processing server-side CSS platforms like SASS and LESS.
• Proficiency in frameworks running on JavaScript, client-side scripting and jQuery.
• Complete understanding of frameworks, advanced JavaScript libraries, adept at AngularJS, DurandalJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS, ReactJS etc.
• Adept at asynchronous request handling, AJAX and partial page updates.
• Knowledge of the fundamentals of authoring tools, performing small adjustments on images, cropping, resizing etc. Familiarity in tools like Photoshop, Gimp etc is an advantage.
• Deliver UX/UI finished resources to the back-end developers for integration into the app after tweaking the same.
• Proficiency in ways to work around cross-browser issues and incompatibility.
• Adept with tools of code versioning like SVN, Git and Mercurial.
• Excellent understanding of SEO tools, principles and such for optimizing applications with data analytics.
• Fair knowledge of working with legacy systems.
• Should have certifications at a front end developer course to validate their skills.
Front-end developers are tech-savvy with a foundation in CSS3 and HTML. They are adept at JavaScript and love working on creative projects that challenge them. They have the benefits of being paid high salaries and are constantly in high demand. With their job security depending solely on their skills, there is much scope for career progression into full-stack web development and plenty of mobility options. Learning this gamut of skills should be through a front end developer course at a reputed training institute like Imarticus Learning who offer skill certification widely accepted by the industry.
Demand Skills:
The front-end developer never has to struggle to find well-paying jobs. The competition for plum roles is fierce and mobile for those in this career. It definitely is a seller-market and these developers can afford to choose and pick jobs as they please.
Skill proficiency in CSS3, HTML5, and the frameworks running on JavaScript like BackboneJS and AngularJS are in high demand and the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics reaffirms a growth rate of 27% between 2012-24.
More than coding skills employers are looking for problem-solving skills in the UX design and visualization challenges. Cross-functionality and fullstack skills are always encouraged.
What Front-End Developers Make:
The payouts in the industry for front-end developers are skill based. There is a huge demand for such skills in the market today. According to Glassdoor, the average national salary for front-end developers was over USD 76,000 per month. In high demand locations and markets, this figure rises to USD 100,000 per month. Becoming a front-end developer is a great career choice because of the very competitive and high salaries at the entry level and rapid career progression that is skill-based. According to Jen Pugh, a tech recruiter from New York City salaries at the mid-level of this career routinely starts in multiples of the USD 100,000 mark.
The catering to such markets assures placements that may have varying salaries based on the location and candidate skills. Payscale states that geographic location is the biggest challenge affecting the salaries of the front-end web developers.
All job-markets not being equal the seven leading locations are Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago and Atlanta. The lowest are Denver, St Louis, Minneapolis and Charlotte.
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