How Is It Working at Amazon as a Financial Analyst in India?

Financial analyst

Role of a financial analyst

In the contemporary digital era, data is the fuel for businesses. Any important decision-making needs to be backed by relevant data. Data science has helped businesses to obtain valuable insights from tons of relevant data. It also helps to discover trends and patterns that could influence the profitability and revenue of an organization. Financial analysts are people who utilize historical and present financial data to analyze information and make sense of numbers.

The primary role of a financial analyst in any organization is to help discover hidden trends and patterns from the data sets, they also help to analyze important financial statements and find out any anomalies that could help discover potential threats for the business. Financial analysts are also responsible for finding out the most profitable investment opportunities for organizations so that the limited resources can be put to good use.

Data collection, financial modeling course, and spreadsheet maintenance are some of the primary responsibilities of a financial analyst.

The exact set of responsibilities might differ depending upon the firm you are working at. The financial analyst career has become widely popular and is one of the preferred choices by those who want to get into the financial services industry.

The demands for financial analysts course in India are on the rise owing to the relevance of the role of businesses. One can opt for a financial analyst course by reputed institutions such as Imarticus Learning that also provides job opportunities along with practical knowledge and skills.

Financial analyst career at Amazon

Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world; it is the industry leader in the e-commerce segment. Amazon is one of the most reputed organisations in India which also has a very lucrative remuneration system for its employees. Working as a financial analyst at Amazon is like a dream come true for many who are interested in this job role. Let’s delve deeper into how it is working as a financial analyst at Amazon India.

There is no doubt that Amazon has one of the best remuneration structures for its employees who are working in the capacity of a financial analyst. However, the exact working experience is very subjective and people have a mixed opinion about the work-life balance and the work culture. After going through the reviews of Amazon employees on popular job platforms it was found that Amazon is a fun place to work at and provides a lot of opportunities for those who have a learning mind-set.

Amazon provides a pleasant atmosphere to work at and management is quick to assist employees on all steps of the way making it easier for them to concentrate on their primary responsibilities. A senior financial analyst mentions that it's always day one at Amazon’.

Most employees felt that amazon is a very customer-centric organization that believes in providing the best customer service and maximum customer satisfaction. The customer-centric approach of Amazon is what makes it best in the business and second to none. ‘Work hard and have fun’, that’s the code by which most employees work at Amazon.

Another senior financial analyst at Amazon India mentions that Amazon provides a very relaxed work environment and allows you to be yourself. The rigid work-culture can surely cause burnout and Amazon realises the importance of providing a relaxed work environment to its employees. Another employee working in the capacity of a senior financial analyst says that working at Amazon is both productive and fun. In aggregate, it is fair to say that working as a financial analyst at Amazon India provides you with freedom, work-life balance and fun in addition to good remuneration.

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