Why Certificate Programs In Data Science Are Gaining Popularity

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Why Certificate Programs In Data Science Are Gaining Popularity

Data science has emerged as one of the most aspiring career options in recent years. Moreover, with the availability of specialised courses and companies understanding what data analysis can do to their business, this is now a profession that is desired by many.

But why has the data science career become so popular in recent years? Well, to understand that, you need to get acquainted with the idea of data science first.

What is Data Science?        

Data science is the scrutiny of data through various methods, which include manual as well as the use of different software. The main aim here is to analyse and understand the pattern in a set of data and use it to the company’s advantage. Now, this advantage can be anything, starting from developing a new product to rectifying the gaps in the new one.

A data scientist’s job is to extract the raw data, clean it and present it in a simpler manner. In this regard, a data science course enables a person to examine large amounts of raw and unclean data by processing and extracting information from it.

Why is Data Science Popular?

Here are some reasons why a data science course is so popular nowadays –

  • It is everywhere

The presence of data science is everywhere. From banking and finance to healthcare, from disaster management to education, and from e-commerce to retail, you will see data science in each field. Today, you will see data science in the entertainment industry also. Information technology is evolving, thanks to data processing and examination. Big data and cloud computing have changed the data science game entirely.


This is the reason why every student today is choosing a data science career.

  • The field is hot, and the pay is hotter

The salary in the data science field is great. After five years, the pay grade will get even better. Data science will be here for the next two decades at least. So, the salary will keep on rising because its popularity will surge even more. No wonder it has become a lucrative career option. According to Glassdoor and other job websites, data science continues to be one of the highest-paid fields in 2022? The reviews of data science careers are so positive, and the income growth is stupendous. That is another reason why certificate data science courses are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Low entry barrier

Full-time data science courses have age and academic eligibility. You also need to have a STEM background for most of the programs in top colleges and universities. Certificate data science courses don’t discriminate much and give everybody who’s interested a fair chance to become a data scientist. This can also be a reason for the growing popularity.

  • Better PCs, cloud computing and open-source frameworks are changing the game 

Although data science does not require a heavy computer these days, still a computer with good RAM and GPU is a must for data science. In earlier days, such heavy-duty PCs cost a bomb. On top of that, the PCs then were a far cry from what they are today. The PCs also cost a lot less these days. This is indirectly promoting data science.

Another reason is the increase in cloud computing. You don’t need a more powerful local server and a large storage capacity. The cloud is almost infinite for this matter. Also, open frameworks like Tensorflow and PyTorch have made the cumbersome job easier and more enjoyable. Everything is breaking the convention these days.

  • Certificate programs are shorter and cheaper than regular data science courses

Although full-length data science programs are the best choice, not everybody can complete a full-length course. The reason behind this is the lack of time. A regular college student has time on his/her hands, but a working professional doesn’t. That is the reason why certificate programs in data science are becoming immensely popular. 

Final Words

Considering the popularity of data science and what it can be in the coming years, it is fair to assume that the demand for a well-trained and skilled data scientist will be significant. So, if you plan to make the most of this opportunity, then enrol for a data science online training course by leading education institutions like Imarticus.

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