How do online digital marketing courses boost your CMO career?

How to Align Your Media Plan with Marketing Goals

What does a CMO need?

The demands of a career in CMO have evolved with time. In 2023, you need a diverse skillset to become a CMO. Some of the qualities are:

  • Great storytelling skills.
  • Pioneering strategies.
  • Excellent with client communication.
  • Growth-driven.
  • Extreme capability.

Digital marketing courses curate all these skills into virtual modules. These will help you scale your CMO journey.

Perks of Doing an online digital marketing course

A decade ago, to become a CMO, one needed flashy degrees from the best universities. These were expensive and demanded commitment. But times have changed.

Today, online digital marketing courses have a lot of advantages over traditional courses.

  1. You can access the best faculty from your laptop.
  2. They condense theory and practical knowledge to give all-around learning.
  3. They are more economic. You don't need to travel, pay for lodging, or take out huge education loans.
  4. You can complete the course on your own time. No need to leave your job or university. Learning is flexible.
  5. They simulate on-campus learning through tie-ups with reputed universities. If you can find a course backed by an Indian Institute of Management (IIM), even better! One such course is the Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme jointly conducted by Imarticus and IIM Raipur.

CVs with an IIM Digital Marketing Course stand out to recruiters for the following reasons:

  • Certification from a reputed IIM carries weight for a career in CMO.
  • You will get to visit the coveted university campus.
  • You get to network with the varsity's reputed alumni.
  • Your dream company can send recruiters for the institute.

Curriculum Of An Online Digital Marketing Course

To be industry ready, you need a course that covers all bases.

Online Digital Marketing Courses cover:

  1. Changing market preferences.
  2. designing Marketing Strategy.
  3. Managing
  4. Changing
  5. Grooming New Leaders.
  6. Using state-of-the-art Technology.
  7. Simulation

Such a curriculum provides holistic training to budding CMOs.

Choosing the Right Course

The internet is full of Digital Marketing courses. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. While looking for the right one, ask these questions:

  1. Is the curriculum at par with industry standards?
  2. Are you getting a reputed university certificate?
  3. What are the reviews?
  4. Do you have a live session to clear doubts?
  5. How does it make you job ready? (resume building, interview prep, etc)
  6. How much time will it take to complete?
  7. Is the course cost justifying the average CTC post-completion?

The Best Online Marketing Programme- Imarticus and IIM Raipur

If you're looking for an IIM Digital Marketing Course that fulfils the above criteria, the Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme at Imarticus Learning is for you.

This course trains mid-to-senior level professionals in mastering core concepts of marketing. The focus is on vertical career progression, launching global businesses and achieving business goals.

It is designed to develop leadership skills in three domains:

The Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme is spread over 10 months. Over this period, you will get access to live online classes scheduled during the weekend. Learning is imparted over two sessions of 75 minutes each.

Imarticus Learning has joined hands with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur for the Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme. Ranked among the Top 5 new IIMs, a connection with this esteemed institute will take your career a long way.

"We blend IIM Raipur's leadership education expertise with Imarticus' competence in providing learners with future-focused programs through the Executive Certificate Programme," said Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani, Director, IIM Raipur.

Under this, you will get to learn at the IIM Raipur campus and network with its leading alumni. You will also get access to its alumni portal. The live sessions with the faculty are another advantage. There are extra-curricular benefits too, like access to IIM Raipur's nearest city chapter and their on-campus events.

Don't Wait to Upskill

A career in CMO directly takes you from the executive to the management level. It brings growth across multiple parameters including position, network and pay. To become a CMO, you need to upskill yourself.

An IIM Digital Marketing Course is the best way to do so. Imarticus Learning's Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme has the backing of not one, but two strong universities.

In addition to IIM Raipur, the course has also partnered with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. This gives you access to Wharton's pioneering Customer Centricity Simulation.

This simulation will help you tackle-

  • Customer Acquisition.
  • Customer Relationship Management.

All these qualities make The Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme at Imarticus Learning the best for your CMO journey.

Take the first step to becoming a CMO by enrolling in the Strategic Chief Marketing Officers Programme by Imarticus Learning, today!

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