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A chief marketing officer (CMO) is a business leader who manages an organisation's marketing initiatives. A person hired as chief marketing officer is in charge of the business' brand management, advertising initiatives, product management, market research, marketing communications, sales, and customer support. 

Notably, a chief marketing officer has a team of well-trained marketing professionals to assist him/her. The CMO directly reports to the CEO of the company. 

This article will discuss how CMOs drive business growth and how a CMO training program can benefit you. 

Who is a CMO?

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A company's marketing and promotional campaigns must be planned, developed, and carried out under the guidance of a chief marketing officer. They have essential roles that vary from corporate strategy to creative influence. Not to forget, they play a crucial role in a company's growth. 

A chief marketing officer successfully markets the entire company to increase sales and produce money. This involves pricing, market research, product marketing, branding, communications, and public relations.

Further, a CMO’s role frequently encompasses customer service, sales management, product development, and new business growth. 

Also, a chief marketing officer ensures that the organisation's message is spread through various channels and to specific audiences to achieve sales goals. To become a CMO of the future, candidates must have specific skill sets that enable them to take the company’s marketing initiatives to the next level. 

A CMO must have the following skills and qualities:

  • Versatility

A CMO ensures that anyone interested in the company's business can obtain the necessary information. They must be well-versed in both online and offline marketing tools.

  • Industry participation

The marketing industry is undergoing rapid change. Thus, a CMO must be up-to-date on any advancement.

  • Creativity

A chief marketing officer must have the ability to think outside the box to develop fresh concepts and advance a company's business.

  • Excellent communications abilities

A chief marketing officer must be a skilled communicator. This is because marketing requires sharing your company's ideas with the general audience.

The job role of a CMO

The growth of a firm depends largely on the CMO. Chief Marketing Officers could have several different roles to fulfil. To oversee the business' brand management and advertising efforts in a way that encourages growth, they must possess a specific set of abilities or personality traits. 

Some of a CMO's most significant duties include the following:

  • Growth driver

A CMO's key focus is to promote growth. Developing strategic decisions that enable development is particularly crucial for a CMO. This is one of the challenging aspects of the job since some marketing operations can be unexpected, particularly in the digital and social media age.

  • Marketing specialist

A CMO must be a master in all things marketing, even though he/she rarely engages in the finer details of the marketing team's work. The CMO must be thoroughly aware of the marketing functions because he/she ultimately controls all the operations carried out by the marketing department.

  • Customer ally

A CMO also acts as the brand's chief advocate for the customer. They ensure that all marketing initiatives work to build brand loyalty and guarantee a positive user experience.

  • Chief storyteller

Lastly, the CMO supervises the company's creative section and its business-focused responsibilities. The marketing department's originality should be promoted by the CMO, leading to innovative marketing approaches that will help attract and retain clients and ultimately boost sales growth.

Why are CMOs important? 

The necessity of the CMO role has increased because of technological advances in many firms in the 21st century. 

The internet, widespread use of mobile devices, analytics, artificial intelligence, and social media platforms have all made it possible to connect with customers in new ways and learn what consumers think about brands, products, and services.

Additionally, they have given consumers a new, much more prominent voice that permits them to instantly express their ideas to thousands or even millions of people.

CMOs and their teams may use these technologies to position their products, engage in intense competition, and reach and influence customers at the same rapidity and scale.

How CMOs drive growth? 

In today’s world, with the advancement of technology, the entire concept of marketing and advertising has been altered. A CMO works closely with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CFO (Chief Finance Officer) and CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer). 

As the market changes, a CMO has to be well-versed in microeconomics and macroeconomic aspects. This allows them to make informed decisions about the company's marketing strategy. 

CMOs are ideally situated to serve as an organisation's cross-functional growth leaders, establishing clear associations throughout the business. A CMO can be viewed as a growth catalyst.


Previously, some firms considered CMOs unnecessary. However, firms are now recognising the role's strategic importance.

An online CMO program can help you strengthen your candidature if you see yourself as a future CMO. If you want to advance your career in marketing, then consider enrolling in Imarticus’s IIM Raipur CMO programme. The 10-month Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic Chief Marketing Officers combines live online classes and campus immersion to train aspiring CMOs and emerging leaders.

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