How Can I Become Scrum Master in India?

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Scrum is a framework that helps different teams to work in a cohesive manner. Scrum helps teams to remain self-organized while dealing with a problem. Using the Scrum framework, teams learn from their experiences. Scrum enables effective use of all the available resources and makes the deliverables available with high efficiency. Scrum helps in dividing the overall projects into various sub-projects referred to as sprints.

The use of scrum empowers all the team members to have visibility of everything happening in the project. The use of scrum makes it possible to have a 3600 feedback system regularly. Along with the performance and efficiency of the entire team, Scrum also focuses on the individual performers in the team.

Scrum Master

The scrum team leader, also referred to as the scrum master is a person who takes care of to and for communication between the product owner and the entire team members, communication within the team, without actually being included in the strategy flow of the product. Along with smooth communication, scrum master also ensure that all the team members follow astute values.

Roles and Responsibilities of Scrum Master

While plugging the communication gap between the product owner and the team members enables all the team members to get an understanding of everything related to tech and organizational dynamics, simultaneously handling all the perplexities.

Scrum Master ensures that all the team members subsume astute values and practices in their work

Scrum master takes charge of day-to-day work. With regular meetings and follow-ups, Scrum master must understand, how much work is done, what needs to be done, what are the challenges, if any further training is required to achieve the targets on time, henceforth, making the execution of the work smoother.

Scrum master also holds the responsibility of developing healthy work relationships between the product owner and the entire team, within the individuals of the team.

Keeping a continuous check, whether the team is progressing smoothly on the set roadmap or not is the key responsibility of the scrum master. Finding out the hurdles and providing the team members with the strategies to solve the problems, along with safeguarding themselves from distractions is ensured by the scrum master.

Scrum Master and the Product Owner

Scrum Master ensures an in-depth understanding of the product, the Aims, and the Objectives of the project to the entire team, thereby acting as a strong connector between the Project Owner and the entire team working to achieve the goal.

Considering the Scrum master is accountable for day-to-day workflow, maintaining any backlogs and communicating same to the product owner, with simultaneous solutions to manage the same, is also the responsibility of the scrum master.

Scrum Master and the Product Development team

Considering the Scrum Master understands the strength and weaknesses of the Product team members and the requirement of the projects, it’s the core responsibility of the Scrum Master to guide the team members to be organized, to speak out the problems, and arrange the pieces of training and other such sessions as and when required.

Scrum master and the Organization as a whole

Scrum Master training and facilitates the inclusion of the Scrum methodologies to ensure smoother execution of the project plan.

How the transition will take place when the team enters a scrum framework is also the responsibility of the Scrum Master.

How to Become a Scrum Master?

 Must-Have Qualities

  •  Technical Know-how
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Ability to Coach
  • Conflict solving nature

Scrum training

A certification course in Scrum Master training helps an individual to understand better the Scrum Practices that need to be followed

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Test

This certificate highlights the core understanding of an individual about different processes and principles which are integral parts of the Scrum Process. The certificate can be earned by taking proper training from a certified Scrum trainer (CST) followed by qualifying for an online examination.

Online CSM Test

Duration One-Hour
Nature of Questions Multiple-Choice Questions
Number of questions 50
Cost ~ 29 USD (For first two attempts)

~ 25 USD (After first two attempts)

Pass Percentage 74%
Number of attempts Two
Medium of Instruction English






Validity Two years

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