Hiring Talent That Stays: Hire-Train-Deploy Solutions

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Building an efficient workforce in a modern organization is a huge challenge for almost all top management leaders. On one hand, unemployment is a huge challenge that several developed and developing economies are grappling with. On the other hand, businesses are struggling to meet their talent requirements due to a lack of available talent.

The key aspect missing from the equation is the right skills. Candidates are struggling to find relevant job opportunities and businesses are struggling to find the right talent due to a lack of skills in the market. As a result, the talent solutions partner can help businesses find the right talent for the job. It is a win-win proposition using the hire-train-deploy solutions.

To meet the evolving requirements, a business can opt for a manpower-sourcing solutions partner that follows a hire-train-deploy model. Under this model, the staffing solutions partner works closely with businesses to hire, train and deploy solutions across the globe as per requirements.

Here is how you can hire talent that stays using the hire-train-deploy solutions.

What is the hire-train-deploy solution?

Hire-train-deploy is an end-to-end recruitment service that is provided by talent solution providers. There are specialised sourcing solution partners that are willing to provide this service that is aligned with the exact requirements of the business. This specialised service helps businesses find well-trained staff without investing time, effort and money upfront in hiring the candidate on their own.

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Hire-train-deploy is a disruptive training and hiring program that is designed to bridge the gap between industry expectations and the time required to hire talent that can be employed directly to the job without the need for any further training.

How does the hire-train-deploy model work?

As the name suggests, the hire-train-deploy model includes three stages – hiring, training and deploying. These stages can be explained as follows:

  • Hiring: This is the first stage under which the fresh graduates or mid-level experienced professionals are hired by the sourcing solutions provider by completing the hiring process along with the client.
  • Training: The sourcing solutions provider trains the selected candidate for four to eight weeks. The training program is tailored to the requirements of the client. The candidates are mentored and guided throughout the process. The weekly progress report is shared with the client. The candidate is expected to pass a technical test after the completion of the training period before being deployed on the job.
  • Deploying: The selected candidates that pass the technical test are expected to join the workforce after the training period.

How to select the right talent solutions partner?

As an organisation decides to go for the hire-train-deploy model, it is critical to select the right talent solutions partner for the right impact.

  • It is important to note the training programs being offered and match them with the requirements of the organisation.
  • At the same time, equal importance should be given to the quality of the trainers and support system being offered by the talent solutions partner.
  • Training delivery modes like live virtual classrooms, online self-paced programs and classroom sessions should be included in the mix.

These are some of the factors that can help an organisation select the right talent solutions partner.

Imarticus Learning offers a corporate training program that can be used in the hire-train-deploy model. Known for providing high-quality trainers and tie-ups with several premier institutes across the country, Imarticus Learning is among the best in business when it comes to hiring the right talent for the job.

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