Full stack development course: Building a career in 2023

Full Stack Developer Course

Web programming is rising these days. This event has increased jobs in this sector a lot. A full-stack developer works on the front and back end of development projects. They work for apps and websites. Full-stack developers (FSD) handle what customers see and interact with (front end) and develop the applications, databases, and servers (back end). But how can you become a full-stack developer? Which is the best full-stack developer training program? Find out here!

Why Become a Full-Stack Developer?

Becoming a full-stack developer is a good career option. There are many benefits to this job.


High Demand: They are in high demand in the industry. It is because they can handle all three process layers. These are logic, presentation, and database. Companies usually seek multi-tasking people. It is good if they can perform more than one role. And that's what an FSD deliver. And they are in demand in multiple industries. This is because all sectors seek the latest technologies to leverage and scale.

Good Pay: The salary of FSD starts from INR 4 lakh to INR 14 lakh per annum. It all depends on the developer’s skills and expertise. As they can work with different projects and software, it saves a lot of money on resources.

More Flexibility and Creativity: FSD knows multiple aspects of development. This makes them more flexible and creative. You can choose to be a creative who loves CSS or a techie who likes PHP. Your creative abilities and flexibility give many advantages to the company.

Steps to Become a Full-Stack Developer

To become a full-stack developer, follow some steps.

Create a Plan: First, you need to plan. Planning how to proceed with one’s FSD education and career is important. Jot down the important points to become a professional FSD. Conduct in-depth research, and prepare a well-crafted plan.

Get the Education: You need basic analytical knowledge to begin the journey. Getting a bachelor’s education is what most prefer for the FSD program. We can opt for graduation or post-graduation in STEM (CS, IT Electronics). Learn programming languages like Java, Python and C++. Further, coding boot camps provide the hands-on skills necessary to become full-stack developers.

Practical Experience: This is a must for any field. It is equally applicable to becoming FSD. Once we complete our graduation or PG qualification, we go for internship programs or jobs. These give you practical insights into the learning gained in the course.

Full-Stack Developer Certification: By the time we get here, we already have ample knowledge of computers, programming, and software development. This is bundled with the practical experience gained during internships or jobs. Hence, it is the best time for a full-stack development program. A full-stack development certification course will provide deep insights into full-stack development and boost career opportunities.

Beginning our Career: Once we complete the full-stack development course, we can begin our dream career as full-stack developers. If the full-stack developer training is from a reputed organisation, we can avail of placement services to kickstart our careers.

How to Get Access to the Full-Stack Development Certification Course?

We can enrol with Imarticus Learning for Full-Stack Development Certification Course. It provides comprehensive education about full-stack development and guarantees job assurance to secure careers. The curriculum consists of the following modules:

Data structures and algorithms

Back-end development, databases, and DevOps

Front end development

Upon completing the curriculum, we can avail of Imarticus Learning Career Services, which provides complete mentoring to grab the best job possible. Imarticus Learning ensures that we bear the fruits of our education and certification, from resume-building to mock interviews.

It also allows us to build industry-specific projects such as e-commerce applications like Amazon, social media applications like Facebook, food order and delivery applications like Zomato, etc. It is not just a certification course but a comprehensive Full-Stack Developer training program that prepares one for practical, real-world experience. And don’t forget to benefit from the Hackathon and Coding challenges!

So, when are you completing your Full-Stack Development certification course?

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