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Designing the supply chain is a critical aspect of any business that involves the movement of goods and services from the manufacturer to the end customer. It involves the coordination and management of all the activities and resources required to plan, source, produce, and deliver goods and services to customers.

The value of the global market for supply chain management (SCM) was USD 18.446 billion in 2021. It is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 10.9% from 2022 to 2030.

The increasing use of technology and new advancements are making the supply chain better and helping the market to grow.

Meanwhile, SCM is a dynamic field. It comes with many challenges for companies to navigate. These challenges include:




Risk management



Talent and skill shortages

Cost reduction


In this article, we will take a closer look at the key components of designing an efficient supply chain. It also covers how to become a certified supply chain analyst and future-proof your career.

How to design an efficient supply chain management?

Designing the supply chain involves understanding and optimising the flow of goods and services from the manufacturer to the end user. It encompasses various activities such as:


This includes forecasting demand, determining production schedules, and setting inventory levels.


This involves procuring raw materials, components, and finished goods from suppliers.


This includes the production of goods and services.


This contains the movement of goods and materials from one location to another. It also concerns itself with the coordination of transportation and storage.

Inventory management

This covers managing the flow of goods and materials in the supply chain. This includes the storage and distribution of inventory.


This comprises the physical delivery of goods and materials to customers. As well as the coordination of returns, and reverse logistics.

Customer service

This includes addressing customer complaints, tracking orders, and handling returns.

An effective supply chain design requires balancing these different activities in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Overall, a successful SCM design involves ongoing analysis, optimization, and adaptation to changing market conditions. Businesses must be willing to invest in technology, data analytics, and employee training to stay competitive. That's the only way to meet the demands of their customers.

To delve deeper into how to design an efficient SCM, you can explore a supply chain management course with analytics certified by IIT Roorkee.

Features of supply chain management course with analytics

best supply chain management and analytics training

Imarticus Learning is offering a supply chain management course with analytics certified by IIT Roorkee. The highlights of the course are as follows:

Curriculum design

This cutting-edge curriculum, designed by the IIT Roorkee, will give you a comprehensive understanding of SCM and analytical skills. These skills include problem-solving, technical, communication, project management, technology, and many more.

Through the use of Python, you will learn how to analyse data. And you will be able to make better supply chain decisions.


Learn from the best faculties in India through interactive online sessions and discussions.

Led by the IIT faculty, you will gain a solid foundation in the key concepts of SCM. The industry experts will provide practical learning for SCM processes, tools, and techniques.

Campus immersion

Get a chance to participate in a 3-day campus immersion module at IIT Roorkee. You can interact with peers and learn from the IIT faculty in person.

You can also visit the Delhi or Noida campus. Here, you will work on a capstone project under the guidance of industrial mentors.

Experiential learning

Tackle complex, real-world problems in the SCM industry through projects. And create a portfolio of your projects to showcase to future employers.

Combination of SCM and big data

Modern supply chains generate a large amount of data, often referred to as big data. Build strategic global supply chains of the future by combining traditional supply chain techniques with data-centric decision-making.

To enrol for this course, you must have:

Basic understanding of Operations Management and Programming.

Interest in learning SCM.

Why choose Imarticus Learning?

With the increasing trend of e-commerce, there has been a significant increase in the movement of goods. This results in a corresponding rise in the number of job opportunities. Especially, for those skilled in SCM.

The SCM program offered by Imarticus Learning helps you capitalise on this opportunity. It also helps you advance your career in the field. Click here to know more about the course. Or you can get in touch with a representative.

Imarticus Learning is a global premier ed-tech platform. They specialise in technology-driven training. Moreover, they have a decade of experience in the industry. They provide career-enhancing education across several key industries. Some of them are banking and finance, data science and analytics, new technology, and digital marketing.

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