Fintech: Advancing from practice to performance

Fintech: Advancing from practice to performance

Financial Technology is also termed Fintech. This is a new term as this technology has been recently formulated. This new technology assists customers to receive financial benefits and deliveries instantaneously. Fintech addresses almost all aspects of finance. From updating bank transactions on a simple mobile application to making decisions regarding investments and stocks, it is all possible with the help of Fintech corporations and services.

Fintech is one of the most valuable discoveries of the modern era. It is rapidly taking the place of traditional methods. Hence, this arena is offering lucrative career opportunities to young people. Online Financial Technology courses will guide individuals and assist them to commence a successful career in Fintech.

Is Fintech growing in India?
Recently, the E-commerce sector has seen rapid growth in India. Hence, it is creating numerous job opportunities and lucrative offers for freshers as well as skilled experts. Few Fintech job opportunities include marketing, sales, research, operations, management function, business development, etc. A certificate in finance and technology will help you to land one of these jobs.

What are the top job opportunities in Fintech?
There are innumerable job opportunities in the field of Fintech. An individual can apply for any of these Fintech jobs according to their skills and knowledge. Here is a list of top Fintech jobs:

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Developer- Blockchain technology has given birth to cryptocurrencies. This is an electronic log that records data and assists people to make secure transactions. Apart from transactions, one can manage payments, records and contracts using cryptocurrencies. Currently, the craze of blockchain and cryptocurrency is at its peak. Hence, there are many job vacancies in this arena. As a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Developer one needs to know about cryptographic, P2P, data security, coding languages and concepts of UI/UX. Apart from these, a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Developer is responsible for combining algorithms, hyper ledger technology, blockchain solutions and using Ethereum.

Cybersecurity Analyst- Companies are rapidly opting for cybersecurity to safeguard their sensitive data from cyberattacks. Hence, organisations are steadily recruiting Cybersecurity Analysts. Their responsibilities include safeguarding the computer system and confidential data, as well as tracking and fixing loopholes to prevent further attacks. They also have to execute various investigations to build an action strategy.

Data Scientist- In the present-day scenario, companies are finding it difficult to interpret data. As analysing and interpreting data is a complicated task so many companies are hiring Data Scientists. The main task of a Data Scientist is to collect raw data and polish them so that beneficial information can be extracted. Their duties include managing storage and integration. And they also generate models and algorithms. Besides, they are responsible for creating the final reports of management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer- These IT professionals are in charge of building algorithms that are capable of forecasting, learning and estimating the future. They must be well-versed in Machine Learning or Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create machines with human reasoning. An AI Engineer must know programming languages like C++, Python, Java, etc.

Financial Advisor- It is one of the most important job roles in the Fintech field. As an advisor, they have to study the company's finances so that companies can make rational commercial decisions. Financial advisors must supervise the financial history of the company and accounting background to create an accurate forecast. This prediction includes future expenses and incomes.

What are the eligible skills for Fintech Jobs?
To be a successful Fintech expert one must possess certain skills. Those required skills have been enlisted down below:

The most important skill one must have is communication skills. They must know how to interact with their teams, clients, brokers, traders and heads of the company. An expert must know the art of adaptation and flexibility. This skill of the expert will open doors for new creativities and successful start-ups.

Along with these skills, a Fintech expert must have collaborative skills. A team needs to work together to find the final solution. Hence collaborative skills will help to grow you as a Fintech expert.

Do Fintech jobs reimburse high salaries? 
Fintech jobs are one of the highest-paid jobs in India. Hence, people are applying for jobs in this field. Here is the remuneration for a few job roles:

A Data Scientist earns about INR 8,74,045 per year in India.
A Machine Learning Engineer in India earns INR 7,44,260 per year.
In India, the average income of a Blockchain Developer is INR 8,09,417 per year.

Imarticus offers one of the best Fintech courses in India. These courses will open doors for alluring opportunities. So without any delay get yourself enrolled in one of these Fintech courses to bag excellent job vacancies.

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