Getting a Certification In AI? Here’s What You Need to Know

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India

It is a commonly known fact that the popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning courses is gaining pace with each passing day. Thanks to the interest of people in this field and the necessary impetus by the education sector in India, AI and ML courses are available at almost every technological institution in India. 

Resultantly, students, especially if they are from the Computer Science or Computer Applications stream, are leaning towards AI certification because of the rich pool of jobs in this sector.

Before enrolling in a course in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you need to be aware of some trends in this sector. They will help you make the right decision and choose a course that suits your requirements.

5 points to know about AI and ML certification

Here are 5 points that you should keep in mind when looking for a course in AI and ML –

Python is the predominant language in AI and ML

In an artificial intelligence and machine learning course, Python is the only language you need to master. So if you have a background in C, C++ or Java, then you need to add one more programming language to your list. Don’t worry; the basics of all these languages are the same, with some minor differences in syntax and some concepts. If you have a programming background, then you will pick it up easily, and with regular practice, you will master it.

Knowing Mathematics and Statistics is important for AI and ML

An extensive knowledge of various mathematical concepts like Linear Algebra, Calculus and Probability is required for a student to know. They also need to know the in-depth concept of statistics like accuracy, precision, correlation, recall, variance, f-score, simple linear regression, root mean squared error and basic hypothesis testing like p-values and test statistics.  

There are multiple types of AI certifications that you can acquire

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You might get an AI certification majorly in two or three combinations. The first one could be an artificial intelligence and machine learning course. In this course, the focus could be to learn machine learning fundamentals like Python Programming, Supervised and Unsupervised learning. You also need to learn computer vision, natural language processing, speech and Neural Networks.

There is also the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Certification. Although it could set you off in a different direction than expected, it is relevant to this field. It is more suited to people who would love to be involved in projects to extract insights. The third type, of course, could be AI and Analytics. However, it is a distant cousin of sorts. So, it makes no point in pursuing it.  

Capstone projects make all the difference while you are seeking a job  

Without a capstone project, an AI certification course is incomplete. It gives you a whiff of what you might have to face after you are hired as a professional in a company. Most employers love a job-ready employee, i.e. a professional who does not need to be trained.

It is illogical to think a student would be prepared for a job beforehand. But with the aid of these capstone projects, they get enough experience and skills to land a job. They are also aware of all challenges they would have to face when facing different real-life situations. They will have a problem-solving approach rather than being in panic mode. So the students will be mentally prepared beforehand.

Institution and certification matters

The biggest problem the students face when they are in AI and ML is that there is no dearth of colleges, universities and institutes that are offering it. There are even courses that are available online. Even the topmost software companies are offering it. Some of these are auditing courses, and others give you a certification.

But do they hold value? Will a student be able to gain the requisite knowledge and land a real-life job with these certifications? For that, we can only tell the institution’s reputation and credibility matter big time when it comes to the value of the certification. This is why Imarticus Learning has collaborated with E&ICT and IIT Guwahati to provide a certification course in AI and ML from the most prestigious technological institute in India. The course has substance and holds enough value to land you a job.

To sum up, these are some points you need to keep in mind while researching for an AI certification. It will help you make the final decision and select a course that will fit your career goals, ensuring success in the coming years.

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