Difference Between Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer

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Difference Between Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer

Technical jobs and designations may appear confusing, but they have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Similarly, technical courses also specifically focus on a specific layer of developing an application. Some of them deal with front-end development while some deal with the back-end aspects. Though most of the roles are overlapping, each role demands an area of expertise that every professional can contribute. Recently, the demand for full-stack engineers is increasing. Though the term appears familiar, it is often mistaken for a software engineer. Both are not the same, there is clear differentiation in the job roles and the contributions of a full stack developer and a software engineer. You need to understand about the job scope of both roles to understand the difference between the two. Let’s have a closer look at what a full-stack developer and a software engineer do.

What Does a Full Stack Developer Do?

Full stack developers handle both front end and back end – from the database, servers, and clients to system engineering. They are technical masters who create a design prototype according to the requirements. They focus on products and their technical features. They lead the technical team and help reduce and fix the issues.

What Does a Software Engineer Do?

A software engineer is a master of software programming, They are well-versed in the programming languages. They are concerned with creating codes in a computer program. Unlike a full-stack developer who focuses on the end-to-end process, a software engineer focuses only on coding and programming.

Listed below are the Important Differences Between a Full-Stack Developer and a Software Engineer. 

Full Stack Developer Software Engineer
A full stack developer has both front end and back end knowledge and is also able to write APIs Software Engineers deals with creating codes using a programming language and test them to check if they can bring about the desired results.
A full stack developer can access an application any time. They can help the team to reduce cost and time. In an application, software engineers are capable of access only those steps created by them.
Full stack developers create a fast prototype for a product. Software Engineers focus only on a particular step to eliminate possible errors while deploying an application.
Full Stack Developers collaborate with clients, servers, database and system engineering. They collect sub-modules to create an individual project and leverage all processes to execute it. Software engineers work with specific programme language and its application every step. They are programming language experts.
Full Stack Developers lead the team and guide the team in developing an application. Software Engineers work as a part of the team which develop the app and take part in building the steps of an application.
Full stack developers are responsible for developing applications that can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere across the globe. Software engineer deals with limited functions and the programmes they develop can be used by a single user after downloading it in a device such as a phone or a computer.


You now know the difference between a full-stack developer and a software engineer.  You need to have a firm knowledge on the entire process, from front end to back end as well as the programming to become a full stack developer. On the other hand, a software engineer is only concerned with the coding of a programme.

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