Cryptocurrency Careers that Will See High Demand in the Future


Over the last year or two, cryptocurrency has spread like wildfire through the interwebs, evolving from a once unknown form of payment to one that’s preferred and advocated for by thousands across the globe.

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are more than just a buzz today, they’re facilitators of job creation in a newly burgeoning payments industry. Blockchain fanatics, rejoice, the job market is opening up– Indeed reported that job postings with keywords including ‘bitcoin’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ have shot up by a whopping 621% since 2015. A cryptocurrency career is one of the most sought out types today, with Indeed seeing a 1,065% growth in searches for these jobs.

Cryptocurrency-related jobs range from miners and data scientists to developers and blockchain experts. But these are the careers and jobs that are likely to see very high demand in the future:

Blockchain Engineer

Since blockchain is the system that enables the existence of cryptocurrency, blockchain engineers will be in high demand in those sectors and industries looking to hire for cryptocurrency systems. Blockchain engineers have the power to build new applications, even new currency modes for use in the crypto-world. They can either choose to focus on developing the technology itself or concentrate on the elements that interact with the system on varied scales, including currency or protocols.

ICO Developer

ICO means Initial Coin Offerings and is a fund-raising technique that enables startups to sell their crypto-tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrency or fiat currencies. It’s considered a boon for many startups looking to immediately raise capital but not wanting to deal with the taxes and charges that come of raising and transferring funds in regular currency. An ICO developer helps to form the new currency and form a platform for distribution and trading.

Security Architect

Cryptocurrency systems, in general, are much harder to hack into when compared to traditional financial transaction systems. That said, cyberattacks are increasingly growing sophisticated, which means no system is 100% safe. A security architect is usually tasked with protecting the company and its blockchain or other technology from external threats and exploitation of vulnerabilities. They also help to prevent and offset financial transactions and fraud. Knowledge of information technology and web development is crucial to land such a job, as is attention to detail and solution-building skills.

Technical Writer

Cryptocurrency is not for the techies alone, contrary to popular belief. Companies looking to create newer types of cryptocurrency are often looking for technical writers to write creative content that will attract investors and customers. These types of content could range from blog articles to whitepapers and pitch decks. Technical writers may also need to liaise with marketing and branding departments over the digital and offline promotions in the pipeline.


Despite a rocky first few steps, blockchain and cryptocurrency are alive and well in today’s world and fast gaining exposure. A cryptocurrency course will enable fresh graduates and current employees to upskill and delve into the industry while it’s still in its nascent stages. A deep intellectual curiosity and the ability to deal with changing times are perks, too!

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