Cyber Security Certification with Placement: Secure the Information Technology Infrastructure in 2022

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and start-ups started to adopt cloud computing technology. This adoption has given rise to frequent cyber-attacks. These attacks include malware, viruses, Trojan Horse, etc. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity has heightened currently to safeguard the computer systems and networks of these organisations. 

 Companies are steadily recruiting Cyber Security analysts for excellent cybersecurity strategies and to protect their sensitive data. These companies and start-ups are offering jobs with lucrative remunerations as well as facilities. A cybersecurity analyst course will help an individual to commence a career in Cyber Security. 

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is a modern-day technology that protects computer networks as well as systems for big and small companies. Cyber attacks and threats are rising rapidly and it is necessary to safeguard sensitive information. Cyber attacks tend to alter, harm and disclose data. Due to this companies have to bear huge losses. Therefore, companies are in dire need of an excellent cybersecurity strategy to safeguard confidential data.

How can one become a Cybersecurity analyst?

There are a few specific prerequisites for becoming a cybersecurity analyst. Companies usually hire those individuals who have earned a degree in Information Technology or any other subject related to this arena. BTech, BSc, BCA, IT, and CS are those degrees that are related to the field of cybersecurity. 

One can also acquire sufficient knowledge regarding cybersecurity by enrolling themselves in online courses and boot camps. There are plenty of online cybersecurity courses that help you to grow the required skills and knowledge. You can also enrol yourself in a cybersecurity course with placement. You will get these job placements at top-notch companies with good salaries. 

What are the various roles and responsibilities of a Cybersecurity analyst?

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The demand for a Cybersecurity analyst is high in every sector. The banking sector, government sector and private sector are steadily recruiting Cybersecurity analysts. Here are the few job roles and responsibilities of a Cybersecurity analyst.

    • Software Managing- this is one of the core responsibilities of a Cybersecurity analyst. They have to update, install and manage software on every computer network and system. They also have to check whether all the systems have sufficient security measures. 
    • Network Regulation- a Cybersecurity analyst has to regulate the networks to check internal activities. They also have to identify and regulate negative activities. 
    • Generate Security Strategies- as a Cybersecurity analyst one has to follow optimum security practices and also ought to give suggestions to the heads and employees. 
    •  Research- a Cybersecurity analyst should always search and should be up-to-date with recent security trends, potential cyber threats, and strategies.


  • Reporting- a Cybersecurity analyst must report and document every issue and security measure used to resolve it. 


Salaries and positions as a Cybersecurity Analyst 

There are many job positions in the arena of Cybersecurity. Here are a few of them:


  • Security Architect- they are in charge of designing and creating the security structure and network of a company according to their requirements. They also decide the utilisation of the network security system by employees. The average salary of a security architect in India is INR. 22.33,499 per annum.
  • Network Security Manager- the main task of a network security manager is to check that the security systems have been installed to avoid cyber attacks. They are also in charge of the maintenance of the VPNs, routers, firewalls and appliances. The regular remuneration of network security managers in India is INR 5,59,902 per annum.
  • Ethical Hacker- they possess the knowledge and ability to crack the logic made by a hacker. They are tremendously in demand these days. The salary of an ethical hacker in India is INR. 5,13,333 per year.
  • Cyber Security Analyst-  the job of a cyber security analyst is to upgrade, plan and implement security measures for a company. They also have to check the loopholes and security lapses of a cyber security system. The average salary of a number security analyst is INR. 5,91,212 per annum. 


What are the skills a Cybersecurity analyst should possess?

There are certain skills that a cybersecurity analyst should know. These skills have been listed down below:


  • Hacking- this will enable a cybersecurity analyst to understand the logic of a hacker and will help to prevent any hacking beforehand.
  • Scripting- a cybersecurity analyst must know various scripts or computer languages. Java, C++, etc are some kinds of computer scripts.
  • Operating System- a cybersecurity analyst must smoothly work on all types of operating systems like Linux, iOS, Android etc. 



To become a cybersecurity analyst one must enrol himself in an online cybersecurity analyst course. Imarticus Learning is proving a Cybersecurity course with placement. They are partnered with 500+ companies that steadily offer jobs and recruit students. To grab such opportunities get yourself enrolled in this course without any delay. 

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