CFA Level 1: How To Crack It?

The CFA Program is the most distinguished program, to get a qualification in the world of Finance. The credential that is offered by this program, offers a great variety of choices for finance professionals, in the in the field of investment banking. The designation is granted by the CFA institute and is mainly a great career boost for those working in the Investment industry. Apart from being highly recognized throughout the world, anyone who is able to crack the exam, is given due prestige and is recognised among the most dignified of circles across the finance industry.
This program is essentially divided into two levels and has a set eligibility criteria, as to which candidate in particular can attempt the exam. Anyone with a certain amount of professional experience can give this examination including, current MBA students, B.Com and M.Com students, CA aspirants, IT Professionals and so on. A professional who has cracked this exam, is known as a CFA Charter holder. These Charter holders are believed to have a strong foundation, in the field of advanced investments as well as excellent portfolio management skills. This exam is like a getaway to the immense possibilities that the world of Investment Banking has to offer a candidate. This is mainly the reason why a lot of finance professionals attempt this exam every year.
Going into the basics of this examination, it consists of a series of levels, in a more sequential pattern; which a candidate must crack so as to become a charter holder. There are three levels and a candidate is required to clear all the three levels in the duration of about 2 years. While this credential has a great validation globally, in India it is used as a yardstick to measure the efficiency and integrity of a finance professional. Top Investment banks here, look for professionals with this meritorious credential. As amazing as the benefits of being a charter holder sounds, there is a rigorous process one has to undergo to achieve it. Many students in India sit for this intimidating examination and due to the lack of a proper plan, tend to give a very abysmal performance. This basically happens due to the fact that most of the CFA aspirants find the examination to be very difficult to crack. If you have a proper plan in place, there are very few chances of you finding the examination impossible to crack.
Lets talk about CFA Level 1 in specific here, this level basically consists of wide range of topics related to finance and rarely goes in-depth for any topics. While studying aimlessly will get you very lackluster results, it bodes really well to set up a study plan. While a lot of candidates choose to make their own study plans and work their way towards the exam, which is held in December. Most of the professionals feel the discomfort of lack of any proper guidance. There has been an increasing trend of institutes, which help a candidate in cracking this prestigious exam, Imarticus Learning have a unique mentor run program, where a mentor who is also a charter holder is assigned to a student, to help them clear the exam. They also have a very innovative policy of refunding your deposit if you aren’t able to clear the same.

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