Best Cybersecurity Certification To Boost Your Career: IIT edition

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Best Cybersecurity Certification To Boost Your Career: IIT edition

Cybersecurity is one of the best sectors of IT these days. There is an estimate that the worldwide requirement for cybersecurity professionals will increase worldwide and in India. According to BLS, it is going to increase by 35% annually all across the globe. In India also, the growth rate is in the same ballpark owing to the growing IT sector. 

This substantial and continued growth has increased the number of jobs in this domain. As a result, a career in cybersecurity has become popular, with ample space for professional growth and equally handsome remunerations. So, this is the time to prepare yourself to find a suitable career in this domain.

How can you become a cybersecurity professional in India?

Becoming a cybersecurity professional is, luckily, not tough at all. It is extremely easy to become a cybersecurity engineer or an ethical hacker per se. But you need to be focused on getting as much exposure as possible.

Now, to find this exposure, what you need is a strong grip on the fundamentals. So, you need to understand several subjects before you can actually start working. These are:   

  • Networking fundamentals
  • OS fundamentals
  • IT security basics
  • Cloud security basics
  • Ethical hacking and incident handling
  • Understanding of new technologies like IoT, AI, Devops and Big Data
  • Penetration testing and SOC
  • Placement penetration and CTF
  • Routing and various methodologies of routing
  • Cryptography and hashing
  • IPv4 and IPv6 systems
  • LAN and virtual LANs
  • Software-defined networks(SDNs)

These are, in short, the necessary coursework you need to complete to become a cybersecurity professional in India. 

How can an IIT cybersecurity certification course help?

The best place to study cybersecurity is from a reputed institution which provides a flexible program which you, as an aspirant, can complete at your own pace. This will aid you in absorbing the various techniques to protect a system and understanding the virtual infrastructure needed to make the whole server system impenetrable from outside cyberattacks. 

But how else can IIT’s help you to build your career in cybersecurity

  • It strengthens your fundamentals in information security and risk management

Information security relies on the various techniques that are used to secure information. Apart from that, you are taught to peruse and identify the various points of cyber threats for an organisation. Most of the strategy will require the implementation of basic cybersecurity protocols. The IIT course programs thoroughly train a cybersecurity specialist to apply the various advanced technologies for breaking into a system and securing the local servers that are present in the intranet.

  • You will be taught how to manage the security system using penetration testing

This is one of the first reasons why you decided to become an ethical hacker in the first place itself. The IIT cybersecurity courses are popular because they teach you how to breach a local server or a computer system and to find out where it is vulnerable. Since you are an ethical hacker, you have to seal all these loose spots by implementing the correct software in the correct place. 

  • IITs Online Certificate Program means better employment opportunities

Getting an IIT certification means instant employment. In fact, there are more chances that you will secure a campus placement. The workshops are the best and make you job-ready. You will be easily able to secure a job in a top organisation. Therefore, the cybersecurity program of this institute is a worthy recommendation as it is extremely enriching for all students and professionals.

Best IIT cybersecurity certification course for better opportunities

One such course that needs special mention is the Advanced Certification Program in Cybersecurity. Imarticus Learning joined  hands with the IIT Roorkee to set up this course. It has some of the country's most renowned faculties and includes multiple industry experts to guide you through it. Moreover, the course is largely industry-focused, and you get to learn from live examples and have a chance to take part in capstone projects to improve your preparations. Also, you will get the certification from IIT Roorkee and be a part of its distinguished alumni.

To conclude, completing an IIT cybersecurity certification course has the potential to open up various avenues for you. IITs being some of the premier educational institutions of India, are held in very high regard among recruiters, and certification from such an eminent institution will definitely boost your chances of employment even further. So, if you plan to do a cyber security course, consider opting for one from the IITs.

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