Become a leader: Advance your career with IIM Lucknow's Leadership Programme

IIM Lucknow's Leadership Programme

Empowering leaders for tomorrow with IIM Lucknow's Leadership Programme

The business landscape is constantly changing as new technologies continue to bring in unforeseen innovations. If leaders are to cope with the evolving nature of business, they will need support. IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme was launched to help leaders succeed in today's digital and disruptive market.

The programme is an 11-month course delivered through engaging online classes.

The course will equip you with business knowledge, along with hard and soft skills to effectively lead teams. You will learn the best practices in leadership and management to improve business growth. IIM Lucknow promotes project-based learning and provides hands-on experience in real-world business problems.

This article discusses important leadership skills and the role of the IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme in building them. 

Top leadership skills

1) Communication

When you take up a leadership role, you should be able to clearly communicate everything including the expectations, goals and tasks. You should establish an open communication channel to promote a transparent working atmosphere. Remember, communication is a two-way process.

Effective communication also requires you to be an active listener. Encourage your employees to voice their opinions and give honest feedback.

2) Adaptability

When it comes to business, anything can happen anytime. You should be ready to adjust to any kind of situational change. Things may not always go the way you want.

You should be resilient and recover from the setbacks quickly. True leaders view these changing business environments as opportunities to grow and are flexible enough to adjust to them.

3) Critical thinking and problem-solving skills 

Critical thinking involves analysing all the available information to understand the issue or topic better. Effective leaders can foresee problems. As a leader, you should collect all the facts and data and objectively analyse them. You need to think strategically before making any important decision. Keep in mind that the decisions you make will have a direct impact on the company's growth.

4) Relationship building

Leadership revolves around people. Without completely understanding the people you are guiding, you will not be able to lead your team effectively. Thus, you need to establish and maintain good working relationships with your employees.

Show them that you can be trusted through your words and actions. If the people who work under you do not have faith in you, there's no point in being a leader.

How can IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme help you reach leadership roles? 

1) Helps in assessing your effectiveness as a leader

For you to improve your leadership skills, you should first understand what your capabilities are. What are your strengths? How can you make the best use of it to become an effective leader? What are your weaknesses? What can be done to fill those gaps to be more well-rounded? Finding the answers to these questions will help you in developing the right strategies for improvement. Simply put, it will help to discover your leadership style and work on it to help you become a leader of quality.

IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme has incorporated this element of self-assessment into its curriculum. The course is designed to equip you with all the practical knowledge required to become a leader.

In addition, you will have a deeper understanding of your emotional intelligence. It's an important characteristic of a leader, and this course will work on your emotional intelligence skills.

2) Enables you to learn and practise crucial leadership skills

To be a leader of quality, you should know how to set direction, build and guide teams, deliver feedback and establish trusting relationships.

You should possess functional business knowledge and develop analytical skills to assess and understand the ever-changing business world.

A true leader will be capable of inspiring employees, influencing people and effectively handling stressful situations. They will be capable of carrying out projects on their own and assigning tasks efficiently.

You can improve these skills only through hands-on experience. IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme's curriculum includes several case studies to understand and learn these skills.

Through this project-based learning programme, you will be able to put those learning into practice in a collaborative setting.

3) Provides an opportunity to get feedback from experienced leaders

One of the best things about a course like the IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme is the exposure it offers. You get to interact and learn from great leaders - both within and outside the institution. The insights and feedback you will receive from them through discussions are valuable. It will help you in excelling in your future leadership role.

Key takeaway 

The challenges, needs and opportunities in business today completely differ from those a decade ago. Leaders of this generation need training to effectively handle dynamic teams and navigate the ever-shifting business environment.

Aiming to provide this support, Imarticus Learning has collaborated with IIM Lucknow to offer leadership training. Visit Imarticus Learning now to join the IIM Lucknow Leadership Programme.

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