Growing Need for Hadoop

In this blog, we will share growing need for Hadoop in the coming decade.
Almost every data processing technology that exists today is on Hadoop, as it works like a storage layer. The size of data is increasing exponentially and so the need to store that data is also increasing by leaps and bounds. It is quite clear that Hadoop and other big data technologies have quite a lot of scope over the coming years.
Hadoop has its USP in powerful features, it works as a base for every technology, it is fault tolerant, it is a resource manager, hence there isn’t any other immediate technology which can replace Hadoop, although it is important to note there is good competition, however Hadoop is leading the way at present, and in the near future.
It is recommended that software engineers with the knowledge of Java should be considered training in Hadoop, as it will further equip them in managing big data with ease. They will be able to extract valuable insights with ease from the existing data.
There are many additional benefits for one to consider, upgrading their skills in Hadoop.   
With Hadoop skills as your stepping stone, you can choose how to stir your career with the variety of roles available, based on your interest and expertise.
As a Hadoop Developer, one is responsible for coding and development of all Hadoop related applications, the prerequisite to this role is the knowledge of core Java, Databases, and scripting languages.
Hadoop Architect, is another option, more towards planning and designing the system architectures, responsible for the development of Hadoop applications and its deployment.
A Hadoop Tester, has the responsibility to assure the smooth functioning of various scenarios, to conduct a quality of checks on various scenarios, and remove bugs that could cause hindrances in the proper functioning of the application.
One can also consider the role of a Hadoop Administrator; this role draws its parallel from that of a system administrator in the universe of Hadoop. Key tasks revolve around, maintenance, back up, recovery, and setting up of Hadoop clusters.
The knowledge of Hadoop, will be an asset if you wish to consider advancing your career as a Big Data Scientist, success in this role would require a combination of technical skills of a software programmer, and an analytical mindset of a scientist, to analyse colossal amounts of data and make intelligent applications based decisions, which are beneficial to the clients.
Another reason to consider a career in Hadoop is for its remuneration. Based on your skill sets additional qualifications, experience and the companies hiring you, an average salary scale for individuals from the field of Hadoop in big data analytics, vary from anywhere between, 3 lakhs to 18lakhs and above.
Lastly, it is established that there is a growing need for Hadoop in the coming years, many applications and skill sets require the understanding of Hadoop, and majorly based on these facts there are many big names hiring for Hadoop experts, like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Microsoft, Netflix, LinkedIn, Dell. Oracle, Cloudera, Hortonwoks, etc...,   
It is a big sea of opportunity out there, for fresher’s and experienced professionals alike, as Hadoop is here to stay, and professionals who are experts in these skills have a bright future, companies are hiring expensive talent, so upgrade your skill set and become a part of the tide!

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