A novice's guide to investing in the money market

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In today's day and age, it wouldn't be wrong to claim that every aspect of our lives is in some way or the other connected to the money market. Times are uncertain, which makes it even more important to have a rooted understanding of what drives our money market. The financial sector has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last few years. We, at Imarticus, are here to help you catch up to it with our Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional program. 

Half knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Investment Banking analyst

Does your understanding of Investment Banking Operations only stem from being a passive participant in conversations involving the topic? Hand-me-downs of what people claim 'expert opinions'? When it comes to Investment Banking, tangible experience and expertise are what you must build and count on. It is a resource like no other. With Grade A faculty members with a decade's worth of knowledge and experience at their disposal from tier-I banks across India, Imarticus Learning makes sure that you learn from the best and harness your skills to the best of your abilities.

Seeing is believing 

Learning happens best when you successfully apply acquired knowledge to your benefit. There is no greater motivation than a positive result, and results come through action. Hence, at Imarticus Learning, we believe in putting you in the driver's seat.

With hands-on experience and action-oriented courses, you apply what you learn and change the course of your action as per your understanding of the subject matter. We believe in "seeing is believing." Hence, we make it a point to give you a crack at multiple industry-aligned case studies from various sectors and domains, which our expert faculty then evaluate. 

Working towards a future

There's nothing as disheartening as wasted effort. Time is an investment and should be spent on worthwhile experiences that secure your future. As humans, we instinctively work toward goals and an envisioned tomorrow. With our Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional program, we guarantee all our students employment in the operations sections of global investment banks. Check out our Career Services section for more information: Career Services, Career Coaching - Imarticus Learning.

Brush up before you rush in

When we dive into the world headfirst, it's essential to have adequate and appropriate information to aid us. The future of the financial world morphs into something new each day, and to understand that. It's important to have a good hold on what used to be. It is essential to start from the beginning to comprehend new knowledge, which is precisely what we're here for.

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional program is a 180-hour course that gives you an in-depth understanding of securities and derivatives, their trade life cycles, along with operational risk analysis, regulatory reforms, and all the other functions performed in the investment banking operations department.

Click here: Investment Banking Courses, Training & Certification - Imarticus Learning to download our brochure.

All's well that ends well

Confidence backed up with learning and research is what writes a success story. When you have the proper guidance, the world is your oyster. Learning Investment Banking with Imarticus opens you up to a horizon of possibilities within arm's reach.

The Certified Investment Banking Operations program specializes in moulding individuals and bringing out the best in them. To check out our alumni reviews and placement partners, click here: Investment Banking Courses, Training & Certification - Imarticus Learning.

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