A Guide to IIM Lucknow's Global Leadership Programme

global senior management programme

Businesses globally are facing unforeseen changes, the outcome of new technological innovations and enforcement of digitalisation. The business has to embrace these new changes to sustain itself. Thus, the C-Suite Leaders, both existing and those in the making, should undergo a global leadership programme to become confident to address sudden changes in the business scenario. 

What is leadership training?

global senior leadership programme

A well-structured and interactive training programme that aims to groom and elevate the leadership skills of managers is what leadership training is all about. This course requires managers to learn the basic and complex nuances of business skills and team engagement.

 The training aims to develop the following top-rated human skills for the C-Suite Leaders. These are as follows –

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Communication stating expectations from the team clearly
  • Decision-making and problem-solving nature
  • Time management and being focused
  • Team management with relationship and trust building
  • Task delegation to develop ownership for team members
  • Motivating team with success stories
  • Impartial stand to provide equal opportunities to all
  • Positive or winning attitude
  • Encouraging innovation within the team
  • Seeking feedback from the team regularly and being diplomatic

Types of leadership styles

There are five common styles of leadership. They are as follows –

  1. Authoritarian or autocratic leadership
  2. Participative or democratic leadership
  3. Delegated leadership
  4. Transactional or managerial leadership
  5. Transformational or visionary leadership

A successful leader often uses all forms of leadership as and when it suits the situation. The desirable qualities of a good leader are listed below :

  • Flexibility and resolution 

Great leaders know how to move ahead by being focused and alert. They are both flexible and resolute, depending on the scenario.

  •  Delegation without being irrationally demanding 

This quality builds a bond of trust with team members. Ownership develops within the team, and this enhances productivity.

  • Set direction for realistic goals 

Leaders are expected to set the direction for their team and monitor goals versus achievements meticulously on a periodic basis.

  • Clear and honest communication

This quality helps to provide feedback to the team for continuous improvement and works towards ultimate goal achievement.   

  • Provide lasting solutions to problems 

The team respects when their leader stands beside them in times of problems offering lasting solutions. This also helps in trust-building between the team and the leaders. 

  • Recognition 

Appreciating individuals for their good work or recognising team efforts are important qualities. It boosts individual and team morale and generates the confidence to confront tougher challenges. 

IIM Lucknow’s global leadership programme

The global senior leadership programme, conducted by IIM Lucknow, aims to fortify existing senior leaders to become C-suite executives. Specifically, this programme is structured for those managers who are to be groomed for the positions of Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) of an organisation. This course, nevertheless, is also effective for the existing C-suite officials to enhance their skills and potential.  

Features of IIM Lucknow’s global leadership programme

The modules covered are strategic leadership, business economics, business finance, strategic marketing, corporate communication, and strategic management. Digital transformation is a key subject of this programme. The programme spans 11 months. 

Besides the above-mentioned modules, accounting equations, financial statements, cash flow, and valuation are common topics for all aspiring C-suite officers.

However, different course modules have been designed based on the specific needs of a future CFO, CMO or CHRO. They will be subjected to specific subject-oriented master classes to cater to their role requirements. 

The features of IIM Lucknow’s global senior leadership programme are as follows –

  1. Live 200+ hours of online lectures by IIM Lucknow faculty
  2. 1 master class by existing C-suite executives
  3. 10 days of the campus experience
  4. Past case studies
  5. Model projects for better acclimatisation
  6. Executive conference for 2 days in Dubai

Reasons to join the global leadership programme

Besides the leadership traits in general leadership courses, the global leadership programme also covers the following unique topics essential for C-suite officials. They are as follows –

  1. Mastering global business rules and strategies
  2. Adapting innovation as fodder to organisation growth
  3. The programme guides the candidate to be an influential and trusted leader
  4. Promoting all other essential leadership skills among the candidate
  5. Helps in pioneering talent management

Benefits of being an executive alumni of IIM Lucknow

There are several advantages of being an Executive Alumni of IIM Lucknow. 

  1. Alumni will have passes to IIM Lucknow alumni events.
  2. The alumni can access brochures and newsletters from IIM Lucknow. 
  3. The alumni will have access to all IIM Lucknow local alumni chapters.  


The global leadership programme nurtures the future C-suite Officers of reputed organisations. The IIM Lucknow Global Leadership Programme offered by Imarticus will give your dream the right path. 

Visit their official website for more details. 

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