8 content marketing trends you need to know

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8 content marketing trends you need to know

Do you want to create a content strategy that stands out from the crowd? Are you interested in obtaining a HubSpot content marketing certification? Here is an interesting summary of the top 8 content marketing trends you need to know.

Automating mobile marketing

Mobile devices now account for over 50% of all internet traffic. It's no longer enough to just include mobile in marketing efforts; we need to go mobile-first.

So, don't forget to include a mobile marketing automation strategy in your 2022 marketing plans, which collects information about your audience (such as location, browsing behavior, and device type) and uses it to generate automated content flows (SMS updates, push messages, discount coupons, etc.).

Workflows that are event-driven

Email marketing workflows used to be a sequence of emails that began when a user matched a set of criteria and delivered periodic notifications.

In contrast, in event-focused workflows, we begin with an event (for example, a brand-hosted webinar) and plan before and subsequent emails to promote attendance and participation with the material.

Inbound marketing is still thriving

A top trend in marketing, Inbound marketing, second only to short-form video, will have plenty of marketers investing in it by 2022, according to Hubspot's Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021. Many of the marketers, almost above 80%, will want to keep or expand their investment in this technology.

It's also worth noting how inbound marketing has evolved conceptually over the last few years. The underlying principle (engaging users rather than directly targeting them) stays the same, but we're moving away from thinking of the customer experience as a conversion funnel and toward using the flywheel model, in which the many stages flow back into one another.

Account-based marketing: segmented and IP-delivered content

Account-based marketing combines real-time ad purchasing with IP-based targeting to produce a very precise, real-time marketing strategy. The campaigns that result are low-budget since they only reach a limited number of people, but they target exactly the people we want. Only experts from the firms you're interested in receiving the content, which is separated based on IP addresses.

Three of its most important applications are as follows:

- Expansion: after you've established relationships within a firm, ABM may be a powerful tool for expanding your business into other departments and divisions.

- Nurturing: Instead of depending solely on email marketing to nurture current clients, you can utilize ABM to show nurturing content on your website.

- Client acquisition: ABM has a lot of room to grow. All you have to do now is make a list of the businesses you want to target and tailor content to each of them.

Programmatic advertising is becoming more prevalent.

One of the most popular and successful techniques for businesses is programmatic advertising. Amazon entered the programmatic advertising market in 2018 and, together with Google and Facebook, became a big participant in the online advertising sector.

Prioritizing the privacy of users

For internet users, privacy has become a top priority. We want to be connected, but we don't want to be linked at any cost. As a result, businesses have begun to place a premium on user privacy while developing new products. Apple and Google have both taken major measures to limit cookie monitoring, and we predict that user data privacy will become more important in the future years.

Marketing that is focused on people.

From customer-centric to human-centric marketing, the paradigm is shifting. We no longer consider our audience to be merely customers, but rather as participants in a growingly intimate connection. To take a human-centric approach in our firm, we must first ask ourselves the following questions: - - - What can the company's employees accomplish?

- What are the human consequences of our corporate decisions?

- How can we add value to those with whom we collaborate?

Metaverse's arrival

The announcement that Facebook's parent firm, Facebook Inc., will be renamed Meta, in allusion to the metaverse, was one of the most talked-about stories of 2021. The metaverse is a virtual digital environment where 3D avatars may do many of our regular tasks. 


If you are interested in learning more about the market trends that exist today, visit our website and discover how here at Imarticus you can get a HubSpot content marketing certification by assisting our digital marketing classes and attending our digital marketing course with placement.

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