5 digital marketing trends you should react to before it gets too late

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According to a report, SEO drives more than 1000% more traffic than organic social media. Another report states that search engines drive around 93% of all website traffic. So, it is evident that digital marketing is quietly driving a significant amount of business worldwide.

But, apart from every digital marketing tactic, some of the most effective marketing tactics responsible for business include visual search, social media marketing, AI-powered optimization, voice search, and programmatic advertising.  

Details about these five most significant digital marketing trends are provided below – 


  • Visual Search


Visual search is a comparatively new practice, and its popularity is rising significantly. As per Invespcro, 36% of online shoppers agreed that they use visual search for shopping and almost half of them find it more valuable than generic text search. To search visually, users have to upload an image to run a search. In this method of searching, two primary leaders are Google Lens and Pinterest. 


  • Google Lens 


Launched in 2017, it is an image recognition technology developed by Google. Users can search a whole image or a part of an image to bring up relevant information. Here are the details on how to use Google Lens –  

  • Barcodes: This can be used to find information about a product and places to buy. 
  • Book: Get a synopsis or read reviews about a book. 
  • Building or Landmark: Get information regarding opening and closing hours, facts, etc. 
  • Animal or a plant: Know about the species name, habitat name, and other facts. 
  • Home goods: Locate similar products and places to buy them.
  • Business card: Save address, phone number, and other information.
  • Flyer or Event Calendar: Add event date and time to the calendar.
  • Paintings: Know facts about the painting, artist, and other information.


  • Pinterest


Visual search through Pinterest recorded a significant rise with the launch of the lens. Users can use a pic to search similar items, places to buy, or view pinboards of related items. Pinterest recorded around 600 million searches and recognizes over 2.5 million products. Since its launch in 2017, Pinterest saw a surge in 140% of lens usage. 

Pinterest added features like – 


  • AR Try
  • Pincodes
  • Idea Pins 



  • Social Media Marketing 


According to data, nearly 44.8% of social browsers use social media to know about products. So, the importance of social media to expand business or to reach customers is significant. In this regard, major social media players include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest. A proper strategy to stand out on social media contains five pillars – 

  • Strategy 
  • Planning and Publishing 
  • Listening and Engagement 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Advertising 


  • AI-powered Optimisation


Currently, Artificial Intelligence is in a boom. Since its beginning, it has had myriad uses in technology like developing chatbots and content creations. But due to COVID-19, the use skyrocketed across the globe. The PWC survey stated that more than 1000 U.S.-based companies had accelerated their plans towards AI adoption. 

AI can analyze customer behavior and search patterns from social media to boost business. This can help businesses to reach customers better. 

  1. Voice Search

According to Think with Google, 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly by using the search result, and about 20% of searches through Google App are done through voice. Hence, this rise in voice search made businesses rethink their business expansion strategy. 

Another study states that about 1 billion voice search takes place every month. Thus, ranking in SERP done through voice search creates a significant impact in business through customer engagement. However, it should be noted that voice searches are typically small, and about 27% of the searches have trigger words like "what", "easy", "best" and others. Thus, considering only traditional Google ranking, ranking for voice search is essential. 

  1. Programmatic Advertising 

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, programmatic advertising is impacting business development. It is a process of automating buying using AI. Expenditure for programmatic advertising has reached around $130 billion globally to cut human labour costs and engage them in more creative and intelligent tasks. Among this huge spending, about 61% comes from U.S.-based companies. 

So, these latest five tips are important when you learn digital marketing, and using them in the present scenario can boost businesses significantly. 

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