4 niche trends in software engineering certificate courses

best software engineering certificatin courses

Software engineering is a broad field with lots of career opportunities. However, the common practices in the software engineering industry have changed over the years. Technological evolutions over the years have changed the way software engineers used to work. Compare the software applications of the previous decade to today’s and, you will get to know the answer.

In 2022, the focus has shifted towards developing smart and efficient software applications. If you are planning to build a career in the software engineering industry, you should be aware of the niche trends. Read on to know the top four niche trends in software engineering certificate courses


  • Use of IoT in the software engineering industry 


Do you know that there are more than 20 billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices around the globe at present? Regarded as a new-age technology, IoT has completely changed the software development processes. Be it smartphones, smart cars, or smart home appliances, IoT is gaining hype in 2022.

People want to become smarter with technology and no longer prefer traditional applications. People now want to turn on/off gadgets with just a simple voice command. The demand for smart software applications is predicted to grow in the coming years.

It is why young enthusiasts are choosing a certification in software engineering with IoT as a specialization. An industry-oriented online course can help you learn about IoT-based software development. 


  • The emergence of cloud-based systems


Gone are the days when organizations had large physical data centers to store data. It can be challenging to store and manage data in physical data centers. To cut costs, many business organizations have shifted towards cloud-based systems.

To create optimal cloud solutions, software engineers should know the basics of cloud computing. A software developer course with cloud computing as specialization can help you learn the basics. Cloud-based development can be tricky based on the client's demands and complexity. 


  • Rise of blockchain in software engineering 


You must have heard about the hype of cryptocurrency and fintech solutions. Well, blockchain is the core technology used in the cryptocurrency and fintech industry. Besides these two industries, many other industries rely on blockchain to develop next-gen software applications. Blockchain is widely used to develop data-sharing software applications.

Since blockchain is a decentralized technology, it is perfect for security while data sharing. There is a shortage of skilled blockchain developers in the industry for now. You can go for an online software development course to learn the role of blockchain in software engineering. 


  • Rise of AR/VR in software engineering 


AR/VR is no more listed as technology only for games and entertainment. AR/VR applications can now be found in the public sector as well. For example, many defense agencies are using mixed reality applications to train their soldiers.

Corporate entities are using AR/VR solutions to visualize a project before working on it. Many companies in the construction and manufacturing sector are using mixed reality to visualize the finished project. Software developer course is now including such new-age topics for young enthusiasts. 

Choose the SCBI course for better results in 2022 

We at Imarticus Learning offer an SCBI course for new-gen software developers. The SCBI course is endorsed by ITT Guwahati and possesses an industry-oriented curriculum. At the end of the course, you can learn software development with IoT, blockchain, and cloud.

You could learn to build next-gen software applications which, is the current demand. With the career support at the end of the SCBI course, you can bag a lucrative job offer in the software engineering industry. You also get a software engineering certification from an esteemed organization i.e., IIT Guwahati. Start your new-age software engineering course right away!

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