2021: The Year of Upskilling With Online MBA Courses Across FinTech and Investment Banking Sector

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In this economic crisis, there is a steep decline in the hiring of MBA graduates across the domains. For most students, this economic crisis is the time to pause their career growth and utilize this time to upskill themselves. The majority of the online business schools expect an increase in demand for online MBA courses in the year 2021.

The vaccination drives across the globe have raised the hopes for the return of campus teaching, but it would be too early to say when the same will be restored. Of course, the learning is faster with networking amongst peers and faculty, but till the pandemic situation gets back to normal, online education is the only way forward.

best online MBA coursesNot only for students but, for working professionals as well, it is the right time to upskill themselves and opt for the best online MBA courses along with their ongoing jobs.

 What is FinTech?

FinTech is the integration of finance and innovative technology that ensures efficient financial services to the customers. The continuously evolving world of financial technologies has changed the way businesses are modeled by various financial institutions.

To provide error-free services to the customers most of the companies are migrating to adapt the digital tools such as AI, cloud computing, data analytics, blockchain, etc. This advancement has rekindled the desire to opt for lucrative career prospects associated with financial services, of which FinTech is right at the top.

 MBA in Fintech

To cater to the increasing demand for talent and education in the finance world, MBAs in fintech is becoming the popular choice of students. An MBA in Fintech will enable students to have an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge technology and its application in the banking and financial sector.

The online MBA courses will enable students to strategize and develop the innovative model to use the appropriate tools at the right place.

This will help to build high-quality commerce products and leverage future trends in fintech. Students who will equip themselves with an understanding of the concepts such as Algorithm Trading, Robo-Advisory, Peer Peer Lending, Insure Tech, etc. will have an upper edge in fintech ventures.

The online MBA courses that include innovative techniques such as blockchain, digital advisory, and trading systems, design thinking artificial intelligence and machine learning, peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding, and mobile payment systems, etc. which are the core of FinTech should be the key choice of the students.

What is Investment Banking?

The underlying difference between a normal bank and the investment bank is the customers. Any general bank serves the public, whereas the investment bank serves the corporations and enterprises. Investment banks advise corporations and governments in their stocks and bonds, mergers, and acquisition matters to raise the required capital and maximize profit.

Investment banking at a global level is growing after the recent financial crisis and getting back to normalcy, in terms of profitability.

 Investment bankers hold prominent positions in many financial institutions across the globe. The investment banker’s key role is to identify the finance-related risk with business operations in order to save time and money for the organizations. Besides the obvious accounting and financial skills, an investment banker should possess soft skills such as effective communication and seamless movement across the industry.

 MBA in Investment Banking

best investment banking courses with placement in IndiaTo pursue a career in investment banking in the recent recession, an online MBA in investment banking is the preferred choice of students and working professionals. MBA graduates from well-recognized institutions have an upper edge when it comes to hiring in investment banks.

It is very important to check the richness of the finance curriculum along with other courses of the college when looking at MBA.

While studying a finance curriculum students should take other courses such as marketing, human resources, and technology into consideration. It is always better to research the placements of the college before enrolling yourself in the course.

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