10 Must-Have Skills to Become a Full Stack Developer

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The rapid development of technology has created a huge pool of vocations requiring skilled experts on each front. Certain professions become obsolete if not upskilled in time. However, the demand for a full stack developer will not die anytime soon. Touted as highly skilled coding experts, these developers work on both front- and back-end development of an application. 

Full stack web developers are proficient in a variety of data structures and algorithms and software like Kubernetes. Their versatility and desirable skillset make them high-in-demand professionals.

Read on to learn the top 10 skills a full stack web developer must possess.

Who is a full stack developer? 

Web developers need different types of skills to design and maintain the front end and back end of a website. That is why, companies typically hire developers whose skills match the job requirement. 

Full stack developers have overlapping skills and can handle both the user side and server side of an application. They design and maintain databases and ensure the error-free running of web applications. 

What are the responsibilities of a full stack developer? 

Full Stack Developer course

A full stack web developer shoulders a horde of responsibilities and is an invaluable part of any organisation. Let us take a look at the job description of a full stack developer. 

  • Development and design of software and optimising it for better performance 
  • Writing code for both the backend and front end of a website. And, designing interactive user windows on web applications 
  • Creating databases and servers for the back end of websites and software 
  • Making sure websites are compatible with and optimised for every platform 
  • Developing APIs and collaborating with graphic designers to curate new features 

Usually, if the size and scalability of the software are small, companies may hire full stack developers to design and maintain both the server and client software. 

10 skills that a full stack developer must have 

A full stack web developer has a multifaceted role in an organisation. The top 10 skills he/she must possess are: 

  • JavaScript

It is probably the most popular and important programming language on the client side. It is widely used to write both front- and back-end servers. You will need a thorough knowledge of JavaScript to become a full stack developer


HTML is a web language that controls the different types of text styles through command tags discerning headings, paragraphs and other text styles. CSS, on the other hand, is a style sheet used to make the front end of a website more decorative. The fonts, spacing, and size can be differentiated with it. Full stack developers need to know both of these to design websites. 

  • Back-end Languages 

While the knowledge of front-end programming languages is essential, a full stack developer also needs keen knowledge of back-end programming languages. This includes Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby. You will need to know at least 2-3 of these to become a good full stack developer. 

  • Github

It will always get a special mention when discussing web development, as this platform brings developers together and helps them connect with each other during projects. It also helps developers manage and work on different projects. It helps them network and learn how to work better in a team environment. 

  • Web Architecture 

Software development is one of the main responsibilities of a full stack developer and thus, he/she needs to be well-versed in web architecture. Since they have to build these websites from scratch, they need to know everything about structuring data and code, categorising files, and performing basic computational jobs. 

  • Basic Design

The process of developing the front end of a website also includes designing the website in a way that is aesthetically good. For this reason, full stack developers also require basic design knowledge. 

  • API 

A full stack developer must also be proficient in APIs (Application Programme Interfaces) like SOAP and REST. These can help bridge the gap between two different elements of the development of the two parts of a website, thus making the process more efficient. 

  • Knowledge of Security 

A full stack developer also has to be aware of the security concerns of a website as a developer. For this, a rudimentary knowledge of web security is necessary. 

  • Tech Knowledge

As a full stack developer, you have to update yourself constantly. Keeping up with the new developments in your field to stay relevant as a professional is a necessity.

  • Soft Skills

Besides possessing hard skills, a full stack developer must be equally proficient in soft skills, including: 

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • Creative outlook 
  • Communication skills 


The growing demand for full stack developers makes it the perfect time to choose this as a career. Imarticus Learning’s Full Stack Developer Pro course can help you succeed in this field. This professional course has a dedicated career service and a job-centred curriculum that can help land high-paying jobs right out of the gate. 

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