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In today’s world, data mining is an important process when organisations think about business decisions. Data is a very valuable asset for modern companies. It is necessary to extract data from a data source.

This is when data mining tools come into the picture. They enable companies to find out data trends and establish links between them. The extracted data is used for data analysis.

Learning how to use basic data mining tools is quite significant in keeping with today’s work environment. One way to do this is by taking part in data science training. Learn data visualisation with Tableau as well as using other tools such as RapidMiner and KNIME. Keep scrolling to learn about data mining tools and how neural networks are utilised for coherent data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Simply put, data mining is the method of analysing huge amounts of data and using it for mitigating risks and solving problems. The analogy of mining is accurate since you are extracting material from mountains of data in order to find items which you need.

Data science and machine learning course

Learn data mining today as it will be beneficial for your career as a Data Analyst or Business Intelligence Expert. Finding patterns to tackle problems and categorising data are some other uses of data mining. Data mining helps companies to reduce costs and improve customer service.

You must know about neural networks when discussing data mining. Extracting huge chunks of data can be done easily by using neural networks. These help in finding out hidden data from large chunks. You can use this for data analytics at your company.

Benefits of Data Mining

A career in data science has huge scope in present times as we live in a data-driven world. From providing valuable insights to increasing profits, there are various advantages of data mining. You can read about some of them below. 

  • Helps to detect fraud – You can identify risks using data mining and consequently detect fraud. Traditional methods often fail to find these, especially when using unorganised datasets. You can detect types of risks and find out ways to tackle them in the future. 
  • Helps to collect reliable data – You can use data mining to gather reliable information to use in market research. This information can be vital for the company as they can find out what customers want. Data mining is also useful for companies to evaluate themselves as to where they stand in the current market scenario.
  • Analyses huge chunks of data in quick time – The sheer volume of data becomes too much to handle for companies. Data mining is a boon in this regard. Most modern companies use data mining to analyse large volumes of data rapidly with accurate results.
  • Aids in identifying customers – Each product in the market has a unique customer base. With data mining, the job of identifying clients is much easier. Using the right tools, companies can target specific customers and showcase products which they are most likely to purchase.
  • Increases company revenue – Data mining analyses large volumes of data and subsequently enables companies to find out what their customers like and dislike. By using this information, the company can make future predictions and improve its products. This is helpful for the revenue growth of the company.

Best Data Mining Tools

There are quite a large number of data mining tools in use at present. Both beginners and experts have their own tools to work with for their specific domains. Take a look at the 5 most popular tools which a Data Analyst uses.


One of the most used data mining tools in the market is RapidMiner. The data science platform can almost do any job related to data – clustering, preparing and predictive modelling. Even if you lack technical skills, you can use this tool easily.

A large number of online courses can make anyone an expert on RapidMiner. The inbuilt algorithms and drag-and-drop interface are a few highlights of this tool.

You can spot patterns and trends after analysing your data in RapidMiner. The large user base is always enthusiastic when it comes to lending help to new users. You can visualise data and create data models with the help of this popular software.


Konstanz Information Miner or commonly known as KNIME is an open-source data mining tool. The customisable interface is one of the best features of this tool.

You can perform all types of data mining jobs with KNIME. These include regression, classification and data simplification. You might even apply machine learning algorithms to perform tasks.

Seamless integration with Python and R extends the service of KNIME. From small business firms to large financial firms, KNIME is a widely popular tool in the world of data mining.

Apache Mahout

Creating scalable applications is easier and faster than ever due to Apache Mahout. Using machine learning methods such as categorising, filtering and clustering are some highlights of this data mining tool.

Data Scientists use Apache for analysing huge volumes of data. They use their own algorithms inside this free tool. Leading companies such as Yahoo and LinkedIn use Apache Mahout for their work.


The most popular programming language, Python is a must-have for any Data Analyst. Its user-friendly interface and open-source platform give this tool a huge boost over many others.

The applications of Python are seemingly endless. Handling voluminous data and organising it is quite easy to do. Writing codes and automating data are some other uses of Python.

What makes Python really popular is its free platform and its library of packages. Most companies make use of this programming language in their functionality.


Tableau is a data visualisation tool which is hugely popular among data scientists. Data visualisation with Tableau is mostly used for large datasets.

You can create maps, charts and graphics without writing any code. This data mining tool is available both as desktop software and mobile application. Quick data analysis is one of the top features of this data visualisation tool.


Learn data mining by enrolling in a machine learning certification course. It is vital to gain insights into the various tools that you will need. Apart from the list on this page, there are quite a number of other tools out there. Find the ones that suit you and hone your skill in them.

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