Why the New Age Employee prefers an IIM Calcutta Capital Markets certification

investment banking course

There are various employment opportunities with diversification in skills, age, and experience. Many employees enter into the job markets, and similarly, so many multifold jobs are created. In this case, the IIM investment banking & capital market course opens various dimensions of work and expansion.

The investment management industry is directly proportioned to the behavior of the market, and this course is a professional analysis that involves full-time diligence. During downtimes, the upcoming investors learn to analyze the market and protect investment portfolios.

At Imarticus, through IIMC, we teach the effective ways to handle financial assets and other investments. It offers data on managerial inputs directly related to the investment industry. It gives exposure to the professionals on the topic, areas, and the investment sector's techniques.            

Executive Program in Investment Management

Investment management manages financial assets by establishing coordination between their buying and selling. The IIMC course helps to know the benefits of developing the long-term and short-term strategies to know how to acquire and dispose of the portfolio holdings.

The investment program of IIMC includes banking, budgeting, tax services, and duties. This course teaches the methods of managing and trading holdings with an investment portfolio to gain profit. Investment management, also known as wealth management, portfolio management, or money management, gives a thorough knowledge of the investment banking industry. It also provides an insight into the capital markets.

Investment management is for the benefit of the clients, be these clients the individuals or institutions. It also involves managing pension funds, retirement plans, investments in government, educational institutions, or even insurance companies.

The Investment management program At Imarticus includes effective ways of asset allocations, analysis of the financial statement, selection of beneficial stock, monitoring the existing investment, planning a promising portfolio strategy, and its implementation. 

Investment management is not limited to these fields, but it also includes financial planning and suggestions on investment services.

An investment manager oversees a client's portfolio and coordinates it with other assets. These managers manage many types of securities and financial assets, such as bonds, equities, commodities, and real estate. They also manage precious metals, artwork, and valuable commodities.

IIM Calcutta Investment Banking Certification

The IIMC course at Imarticus teaches to manage and well-utilize a company's tangible and intangible assets. The course curriculum gives conceptual knowledge and a sound understanding of the frameworks necessary for being a successful investment banker and capital market investor.

At Imarticus, through a certification course in investment banking, we design a special and purpose-driven curriculum so that you get a broad overview of the key concepts and techniques required for growth in investment banking and the capital market. This course includes all the topics concerning this sector.

This course is domain-specific to enable persons to work cross-functionally within the company and become equipped in investment management. It gives executives exposure to all the aspects of investment banking and the capital market. The course module covers managerial challenges and helps overcome potential disruptions.

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